November 2021
2021 Holiday Trends:
New Survey Data 

Can you believe the holidays are already here? We JUST got data back from a consumer survey about how they intend to spend the year-end holidays (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.) Here are some of the most interesting things we learned! 
60% of consumers said they would be ordering holiday groceries online, with 79.5% of those saying it would be shipped/delivered, and 20.1% saying to pick up in store. In contrast, in non-holiday periods (reporting on what they had done in the last 4 weeks), 42.2% of ALL consumers reported that they had picked up groceries in store, and 45.5% said they had the products shipped/delivered. So it sounds like consumers will be using shipping and delivery to avoid the stores this holiday season!
Nearly 60% of consumers plan to stay at home again for the holidays this year (41.8% of consumers with guests, 16.5% without guests). 
84.8% of consumers will be using phone or video calls (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.) to connect with friends and family this year.
Perhaps the most interesting takeaway is that 71% of consumers' holiday traditions have changed since COVID-19, with 70% saying they have simplified their holiday traditions (food or activities). 
The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Hack

Are you one of the 71% of people who are simplifying their holiday traditions? Or perhaps you are just dreading sweating over the stove to cook Thanksgiving dinner? This Click2Cart example will help simplify your Thanksgiving feast! 

Click here or click on the demo ad below to add all of this bundle of Thanksgiving side dishes to your Walmart cart. 
New SmartCommerce Retailer Partners
In November, we added the following retailers: Rite Aid- USA (National, WTB), Unimarc- Chile (National, WTB), GIANT Heirloom Market Powered by Instacart (Local, Confirm to Cart), Giant Food Stores Powered by Instacart (Local, Confirm to Cart), Santa Fe Foods Powered by Instacart(Local, Confirm to Cart), Lowes Market Powered by Instacart (Local, Confirm to Cart), Lowes Corner Market Powered by Instacart (Local, Confirm to Cart), Lowes Mercado Powered by Instacart (Local, Confirm to Cart), Brothers Marketplace Powered by Instacart (Local, Confirm to Cart), Brookshires Food & Pharmacy Powered by Instacart (Local, Confirm to Cart), Checkers - South Africa - (Local, WTB). 

We are actively bringing on new retail partners each month, so please visit our current retailer list located within SmartHub.
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