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Welcome to my very first newsletter.

(My short welcome blurb)

In this newsletter and future newsletters, you can expect to get my latest articles as well as, anything I find that is NEWSWORTHY in regards to those precious lady parts topics.

You know that TABU stuff that one doesn't normally talk about with their girlfriends, and finds embarrassing to talk to a healthcare professional about.  The stuff that we often don't know about, or learn about until we have a dilemma with the lady parts.

After experiencing Vaginismus recently (for a second time in my life), and being diagnosed with Vaginal Atrophy last year (both conditions I had never heard of prior to being diagnosed,),   I realized how un-informed I was.

No One Tells You

Getting diagnosed can take months, and by the time this happens your condition has often escalated to an unbearable level, as was the case with me, and for many other ladies I have corresponded with.

I wish I had known about this stuff sooner...
So I could have taken action, before things got to a devastating level.

So for this reason, I created my website, and my newsletters to bring awareness to you about Vaginismus, Vaginal Atrophy, and many other  (TABU) lady parts issues, that are often not talked about, including menopause. 

Ms Tight


How Botox Helped Her To Have Pain Free Sex

How Lara finally had pain free sexBeing unable to have sex, or pain free sex is traumatizing.  Getting enough courage to talk to a doctor about your Va jay jay and sex is a huge emotional decision for any female to make...
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So far May has been a busy month around the globe for awareness,
,and progress for lady issues.
  • I have created an online store for those private lady items, that one is often to shy to buy over the counter.  I have also added as many natural products as possible for the sensitive lady, as well as items from the popular Essano beauty range.

    Click image below to see my online store, or here
  • That Embarrassing PAP Smear Test Could soon be Replaced with a Urine TEST
This is a game changer for ladies that suffer from Vaginismus, Vaginal Atrophy, and various other vaginal conditions, or that live with sexual abuse issues.

Over the years, many campaigns have reached the public eye to encourage ladies to have a regular smear test, yet still many women avoid this embarrassing test, resulting in too many dying from cervical cancer each year.

Well ladies, the scientists have come up with a urine test that can also screen for cervical cancer.  Still in the trial period, this form of cervical cancer testing looks very promising. -  You can learn more here,  or pop over to see more on the Science Daily website.

*NOTE: Ladies - if your PAP smear is due now, please don't put it off in hope that the urine screening will be rolled out soon.  There's been no mention about how long the (urine version) trials will take to complete.
  •  MESH Awareness May 1st
Many MESH awareness groups are continuing this campaign throughout May)
  1. Surgical mesh often destroys lives. 
  2. Once inside you, it cannot always be fully removed,   
  • Many men & women are not made aware of the complications/side effects prior to having mesh placed inside them. 

    Learn from those that have been affected,
Before you agree to surgical mesh,

Being put inside you
  • Please spread the word to your friends, your loved ones, or anyone you know that has had a decline in their health after having surgical mesh implanted.
*Note: If the video above doesn't open in your email, you can view it here.
More information about Mesh implants & Support groups
These groups below are just a handful of groups I have come across in regards to surgical mesh informations via an internet search, and my presence on the social networks.
Ladies, as embarrassing as it can be, always seek medical advice if you notice anything unusual with your lady parts.
A few minutes of embarrassment could save your life.

(May 7th 2019)
If you have an upcoming event, or an awareness campaign (in regards to lady parts/issues), that you would like to see in this NEWSWORTHY section, contact me via my website, and I will be more than happy to consider putting it in this section.
I will be sending newsletters out once to twice a month - Ms Tight
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