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If Zacchaeus had a sister, I might have been her. I can just see it. It makes sense. 

This may sound odd.  

Have you ever found yourself similar to people in the Bible or do you wonder if you had lived back in the biblical days what the writer of your encounter with God would have written about you?  How would your story have endured?  I love the thought of this! 

Other than calling yourself a prodigal or a wanderer or woman wronged or wrong, do you have a story?

That's your Bible story. At least it's a thought and a good one I think. 

Let me tell you why I could see a variation on the passage in my imagination,  me in the Bible as the sister of a tax collector. Use your imagination, it really is helpful, as well as just maybe, God's idea (?)

Jesus found a man perched up in a tree hoping to go unnoticed and yet, wanting badly to see Jesus, the one he believed would turn his bad to good, give him the chance to change his reputation, give him license to give to others, after years of taking. 

Jesus told him I'm coming to your home for a visit. What if when he got there, he discovered the tax collector had a sister? A lonely and quiet struggling one hoping soon she could piece her life together. A boarder in her ostracized brother's home, what's up with that?

 What an odd day that was when her most of the time angry brother came home with a stranger. The sister overheard the quiet conversation and so, she found the courage to leave her room to join them. She found the gentle man sitting at her brother's table and he looked up to meet her eyes, said "Just pray for mercy, that is all." 

My Bible story, my story of Jesus is similar. Jesus offered me mercy and I accepted in the living room of the coldest old house in Bulloch County, Georgia. My children still sleeping and Dr. Charles Stanley was on the little T.V. as I sat huddled over and bundled up in blankets and listening as he spoke of redemption, of new beginnings and of hope to come. I accepted Jesus in the living room of an old and cold rented house. 

Many times I've wondered if my story was solid. Was it significant? Shouldn't there have more fanfare and notice than sitting in an old worn out chair as a single mama and deciding to follow Jesus.  But, no, this my story.  

Zacchaeus came down from a tree and Jesus followed him home and in that home, if there'd been a confused, conflicted and peace seeking sister, she could have been me. 

Use your imagination. What is your Jesus Story, your God story? Your Bible story?  Could you see it mixed in with Moses or Job? Ruth, Esther or Rahab or can you imagine your name amongst the verses of those who Jesus found and those he chose to follow Him, walk along beside him to the cross?

Your story of Jesus, your life's Bible is yours and yours alone. Doesn't matter if it's been a life a long long time covered in grace or a halfhearted following, back and to pace or a late in life redemption.

Your story is your own.

A story to be cherished. 

 I've created a pdf here you can print and then record your personal record, keep it near and dear. 


I hope you find it a special thing to do, as special as you, as your story.

Use your imagination, who in your Bible do you relate to, where might your God have come alongside you? 

Thanks for reading. You're a part of my story, your encouragement keeps me going. 

Continue and Believe.



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