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The Amundsen Athletics Foundation has formed a committee to continue working with Alderman Vasquez of the 40th Ward and the Chicago Park District to advance the conversations surrounding the field improvements at Winnemac Park.

The Field Committee has received the following information:

From the Alderman’s office: At this stage, the Park District is requesting the funds to be able to move forward with any WInnemac upgrades.

In our office's conversations with the Park District, the following is what will be moved forward as a project.

The Park District will proceed with the following:

1. Artificial turf infield and grading/stormwater improvements to address drainage in the outfield/soccer field - there was a discussion regarding the option to do more turf to cover the outfield as well as the soccer field, and the Park District is not comfortable moving forward with the larger turf because the cost of the project would double and due to the annual fireworks at Winnemac Park, the added potential for damage/associated repair costs. If there were a plan to successfully stop or contain the event with insurance for any damages, that larger option could be revisited.

2. Tennis Court Upgrade - Refurbish the WEST court due to the existing masonry wall. As part of the rehab, include striping for pickle ball

3. Dog Friendly Area DFA – since the west court is the one with the masonry wall and there are trees on the western side that would potentially require removal at an added cost, the DFA would go on the east court.

From the Chicago Park District: “The Park District has submitted an overall budget request for $2.5M, which will then go through the City’s TIF Investment Committee for review in August and September. After that step, we can prepare for submission of the TIF funding request to City Council for approval, and assuming all goes well, it could be approved by the City Council in November. We would then move on with detailed plans for the spaces.”

Visit the AAF website as we continue to share information under Winnemac Field Committee Updates.

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