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Network Analysis

I have published 3 brand new tutorials related to network analysis in QGIS. This is a topic close to my heart. Back in 2004, when I did my Masters thesis, I had to use ArcView as there were no other tools that could do various types of routing analysis that I needed.Till recently QGIS didn't have tools to do many types of network analysis. But that has changed now and QGIS3 includes some built-in tools as well as a host of plugins that make very sophisticated analyses possible. Do check out this new material

Analysing Traffic Patterns in Cities using Uber Taxi Data

I recently learnt about Uber Movement data – which shares anonymized data aggregated from over ten billion taxi trips to help urban planning around the world. The data is freely available in open-format for download. This dataset was also my pick for the Favourite New Geo Datasets in the past 5 years.

This data presents a different challenge as the data volume is large. I show how easily this data can be analyzed in my another favorite open-source tool - Mapshaper. I outlined the process in detailed in my blog post GIS in the Browser: Analyzing Uber Movement Data with Mapshaper
More Learning Resources
  • I conducted a workshop for urban planning students at IIHS, Bangalore last month. The workshop covered free and open web-based tools for spatial analysis. You may download the data package and follow along the exercises below.
  • FOSS4G 2019 was at Bucharest, Romania this year. The team recorded all sessions and have made the videos available online. It is a treasure trove of insightful talks on open-source geospatial technologies - including QGIS, PostGIS and more.
I now offer in-person workshops and GIS training. Do check out my offerings at
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-Ujaval Gandhi
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