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I recently discovered the aggregate function in QGIS. Combined with the power of the Expression Engine, this opens up many new possibilities for simplifying and automating workflows. If you do digitizing or data editing, this function is a game-changer. See my posts to learn more
animation showing aggregate function in action
QGIS auto-filling attributes from intersecting polygons in the layer below.

Geodsic Buffers, anyone?

I often work with datasets that are global in extent and always get frustrated that there is no suitable projection for such dataset to do accurate geoprocessing operation. QGIS doesn't have a way to do operations using geodesic geometry. I was finally able to code up an algorithm to get very accurate geodesic buffers in QGIS. This will also make it to QGIS Core in near future, but you can start using it right-away. See my post on Approximating Geodesic Buffers in QGIS

New tutorials for QGIS3

Most tutorials are fully re-done with new materials and better techniques to work with QGIS 3.4 LTR. Here are the new tutorials that you may want to check out.

More Learning Resources

Struggling with new Python API for QGIS3? Check out these resources: New Books!
  • Kurt Menke's new Discover QGIS 3.x came out recently. I strongly recommended this book to take your QGIS skills to the next level.
  • I am learning drone image processing and bought Piero Toffanin's OpenDroneMap - The Missing Guide which is available for pre-order. Looks very promising.
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-Ujaval Gandhi
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