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Weekly Update from St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne

From the Dean

Excerpt from September Edition of Notes & News
I keep this picture on my desk at home. It is a bit showy, I know, but it reminds me that I started saving souls as a teenager, as a crewmember of the Royal National Life-boat Institution (RNLI). The RNLI is the official Sea Search and Rescue (SAR) agency in the UK and Ireland.
During my time with the RNLI, I got to helm one of these lifeboats. (For fellow enthusiasts: this is a rigid hull inflatable inshore lifeboat, or RBI. At a push it can carry up to 20 survivors along with the 3-4 crew. It has a 2.5 hour range at its maximum speed of 35 knots and, at that speed, can literally fly across the waves!)

I served with the RNLI on the shores of ‘old’ South Wales. We patrolled a 25-mile stretch of coast from Porthcawl to Barry—the birthplace of Julia Gillard, our first woman Prime Minister. The RNLI is operated entirely by volunteers. Local crew and mechanics all give of themselves and their skills to save the lives of others. Our training involved not only learning to helm the lifeboat, but First Aid at Sea, radio-communications, and day to day RBI maintenance. Being a crewmember taught me much—from how to be part of an effective team to learning to trust and rely on others—in this case Search and Rescue agencies such as Her Majesty’s Coastguard and the Royal Airforce Search and Rescue Wing.

I have probably learnt as much about saving souls at sea, as I have learnt in ministry since. I learnt about really giving thanks for successfully accomplished missions: bedraggled children returned to anxious parents, shivering day-trippers caught by the roaring tide restored safely to shore. And it was at sea that I first began to think of the frailty of life, and the seeming finality of death. Because not every mission was a success, I had my first encounters with death when the sea claimed those we set out to rescue.

The story could have ended there—with a showy picture on my desk almost 30 years later. But at university I was invited by members of my College Christian Union to find out about Jesus, and search with them for answers in the Bible. That is what discipleship is about: inviting others to come with you on a journey—following after Jesus. I am grateful for that invitation I received to explore the Christian faith. For me it led to confessing my adult faith in Jesus Christ. I was confirmed in my College Chapel, acknowledging that I believe that Jesus is the One who, ultimately, has saved all souls. I have been encouraging others to place their own trust in Jesus ever since.

We all can be life-savers. Each one of us, who has made that confession of faith in Jesus, is called to be a life-saver. When we invite others to explore our faith with us, by joining our study programs or to worship with us, we can be life-savers, who share with others our own confidence that we are saved through Christ forever. While there’s no need for a lifeboat when we commit to being that kind of a life-saver, we do need to train. And that is what our Cathedral discipleship program offers: an opportunity to build up our own confidence in the love and friendship of Jesus, and a chance to learn about how we might share this confidence with others. Do join us in becoming life-savers.

Dean Andreas
Read more in the latest edition of Notes & News, now available online. (click here)

This Sunday

Sunday 5 Sep • 15th Sunday after Pentecost

8:00am BCP Eucharist
Presiding: The Revd Canon Christopher Carolane
Preaching: The Ven. Canon Heather Patacca
Click here to watch & click here for a copy of the Order of Service

9:15am Zoom Morning Tea 
Bring your tea & coffee and join others via Zoom for a social catch-up. You will need a Zoom account to access this - there are instructions here for making one: Zoom Beginners Guide
Once you have your account setup, you can join the Coffee Morning via this link:

Meeting ID: 834 6005 2404
Passcode: 648070

We are using the 'waiting room' function on Zoom for added security, the host will let you into the meeting from there. Make sure you have your cup of tea or coffee ready too!

10:00am Sung Eucharist 
Presiding: The Revd Canon Christopher Carolane
Preaching: The Ven. Canon Heather Patacca
Click here to watch & click here for a copy of the Order of Service

11:15am Discipleship Group
Join our first Discipleship Group, led by Canon Christopher. You will need a Zoom account to access this - there are instructions here for making one: Zoom Beginners Guide

Once you have your account setup, you can join the Group via this link:

Meeting ID: 894 0490 4509
Passcode: 036401

Click here for a copy of the reading and discussion questions.

We are using the 'waiting room' function on Zoom for added security, the host will let you into the meeting from there.

1:00pm Mandarin Worship 華語崇拜
Presiding: The Revd Canon Robert Vun
Preaching: The Ven. Canon Heather Patacca
Click here to watch & click here for a copy of the Order of Service

Tips for joining in Worship at home:

  • Be ready to go 10 minutes before the service is starting with your computer, iPad or TV set up and connected and volume turned up. The livestream will appear a few minutes before the service is scheduled to begin.
  • If you have a printer, you may want to print the Order of Service in advance and have it ready for Sunday Morning, otherwise you can follow along on another device. Do join in the responses and hymns as you normally would.
  • If there is problem with the Livestream technology, don't worry! We will record all our services and make them available as soon as possible after.
  • You can contribute as part of the offertory by giving online via
Next Week

2.30pm Choral Evensong (on Channel 31 or Digital 44)
A 30 minute service sung by the Cathedral Choir, this is a traditional Anglican service with music, prayer and scripture readings.

5.10pm Choral Evensong (streamed online)
A 30 minute service sung by the Cathedral Choir, this is a traditional Anglican service with music, prayer and scripture readings.

12.15pm Lunchtime Eucharist (streamed online)
A 30 minute service of Holy Communion, with prayer, scripture readings and a short sermon. The service is led by a member of the Cathedral Clergy.

Next Sunday 5 September
15th Sunday after Pentecost

8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
Preacher: Canon Jane Window
10.00am Sung Eucharist
Preacher: Canon Jane Window
1.00pm Mandarin Eucharist
Preacher: Canon Robert Vun
Notices & Future Services

Carols at Curfew

“Yet I put my trust in your unfailing love: O let my heart rejoice in your salvation.
And I will make my song to the Lord because he deals so bountifully with me.”

Ps 13.5-6

Each night at curfew we invite you to unite with us in voice as we sing hymns of praise and hope to lighten the night! We’ll be sharing a hymn, blessing, and organ piece at 9pm every night of curfew to proclaim the light and hope we find in God’s unfailing love.

Join us as we give voice to hope in times of darkness:

20th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

To mark this significant anniversary, the Cathedral will hold a Service of Commemoration & Thanksgiving for Emergency Service Workers. It will be an opportunity for us to remember before God all those who lost their lives, give thanks for the first responders and the continuing dedication of our emergency services both in our country and around the world, and pray for a future of peace and safety for all.

Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the service will be available to join via Channel 31 or the Cathedral’s Livestream.

How to watch:
Mon 13th Sep at 2.30pm on Channel 31 Melbourne & Geelong (Digital 44).
Tues 14th Sep at 5.10pm via livestream on our website and social media.

The Forest Underground: Hope for a Planet in Crisis with Tony Rinaudo

Thanks to everyone who joined us last week at Science Week at the Cathedral with Tony Rinaudo! We loved being able to share Tony's incredible story with you.

The full recording of the talk + Q&A is now available here:
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or would like to listen to a sermon again?
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Prayer & Worship at Home

Online Resources

Our 'Worship at Home' page on our website which has lots of useful information including prayer resources, daily reflections and other ways to pray at home. 
Click here to access our 'Worship at Home' Resources

Read the Bible With Us

You may like to use these readings, which the Cathedral Clergy and Staff use for daily prayer, as part of your personal devotions throughout the week

Monday: Pss 18.1-31; Acts 26.19-32

Tuesday: Ps 19; Acts 27.1-12
Wednesday: Pss 20, 20.1-7; Acts 27.13-22
Thursday: Pss 22.1-22; Acts 27.33-44
Friday: Ps 25; Acts 28.1-16
Saturday: Pss 28, 29; Acts 28.27-31

An order for Morning and Evening Prayer with Readings can be found here or you can download the ePray app for your iPhone or Android device here.

Pray with us

The World
We continue to pray for the people of Afghanistan with so many complex needs, as foreign forces have left and the Taliban takes control, saying it is committing to a system of judicial justice under which citizens with appropriate visas will be able to leave on commercial flights. It is our prayer that Taliban control will result in peace, trustful security, and the resumption of normal life, as has been its promise. We ask that God will guide and overrule in the appointment of government officials so, with integrity, they will make sympathetic humanitarian decisions, and we are thankful that exit land routes are being explored for further evacuations. We ask God’s consolation and encouragement for families in North-West Nigeria where over 1,000 students have been abducted this year, 70 from their school this week. Imagining the life-long trauma they will suffer, we pray for God’s peace for all. Because fears have been voiced by the UN nuclear watchdog that North Korea might be expanding its banned nuclear programme, we pray that suspicion and distrust between nations will be diplomatically resolved, in this situation and between other countries, India and PNG, and for students in China as ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ is introduced into the education curriculum at all levels. We pray for first responders and all who work to relieve suffering and hardship in the situations of the Californian wildfire still raging, and Hurricane Ida’s chaos and devastation through extreme winds and storm surge in Louisiana.

Our City and State
As Victoria enters a further extension of this lockdown, may God’s presence be known as everyone suffers losses, inconvenience, separation from friends and family, difficulties with home schooling and limitations working from home, job losses and economic challenges. May we all investigate and promote the benefits of vaccinations so that the good of the community will be our prime concern.

The Anglican Communion
Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (Abp Ezekiel Kondo). We give thanks for India as it cautiously opens up, with St Mark’s Cathedral, Bangalore holding its first attended service last Sunday since the beginning of the pandemic. We pray for the approval of a new province of the Anglican Church of Mozambique and Angola to be inaugurated this month, that God’s hand will be clear in its establishment, appointment of leadership and all the other dependant decisions, that it will show a clear presence of God amongst the people it serves.

The Australian Anglican Church
The Diocese of Adelaide (Abp Geoff Smith, Asst Bps Denise Ferguson, Timothy Harris, Dean-elect Bp Christopher McLeod; Clergy & People).

The Diocese of Melbourne
St David’s Doncaster East (Judy Frost).

Our Cathedral
Pray for the growth of love in Christ in our congregation during our series on Discipleship.

Those in Sickness or Need
Joan and Bill Woodhouse, John Zhong, Emilio, Chris, Robyn & David Forbes, Judy Clift, Andrew, Janet Marsden, John, Henri-Felix Vinson, Sum Vita, Martin, Rebecca, Eric Young, Madonna Doherty, Laurie Mahoney, Monique, Patsy King.

Year’s Minds

5       Burne Whittaker Brooker (Retired Priest, Congregation) 2010
6       Wilma Caroline Attwood (Congregation) 2015
7       Philip St John Wilson (Canon) 1970
         Oliver John Gillard (Kt (Lay Canon) 1984
8       Harold Bakewell Hewett (Archdeacon) 1948
Frederick Race Godfrey (Lay Canon) 1948
         Sister Esther (Mother Founder CHN)
         George Frederick Verdon (Kt Lay Canon) 1896

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Phone 9653 4220 or Email

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