Dear Friends,

In our Bible readings and Bible talks these past weeks, we have been thinking a lot about planting seeds and what’s needed for them to grow well. One of the things that Jesus says we need to grow in faith is understanding, so that when we receive his Word it may bear fruit in our lives. Many of us live in metropolitan Melbourne, some in Mitchell Shire, and have been in lockdown, with more and more stringent restrictions added to our daily routine. All of us are having to get used to the idea of a new “new normal”. And in that time of rapid and constant change, the things that help us grow in faith and understanding of the ever-changing nature of our daily life are the words of Jesus.

You may find that, with your movements limited significantly, you have a bit more time in your day. The temptation is great, isn’t it, to check on the latest Covid-19 case numbers, to find out whether the second spike in Melbourne is plateauing or reducing. Rather than use our extra time to ruminate on the effects of Covid-19, though, I’d like to encourage us (and I very much include myself here) to make time for sitting with and reflecting on the words of Jesus. Because that way, we are assured, we will be tilling the soil of our hearts to prepare for growth. At the end of this email, each week, we include the readings for Morning Prayer. If you haven’t done so before, I’d invite you to use those readings to direct your reflections. In the weeks ahead, in those readings, we will be journeying with John’s story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Fruitful ground for fruitful study.

Do let us know how you are doing, particularly if you find the current restrictions hard work, or you’d like us to share in a particular prayer concern of yours. Simply email us ( and we’ll join you in prayer. 

Bless you, and stay safe and well!
Dean Andreas.
Do make sure to watch this week’s Bible Talk (link). It comes from the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where Canon Dr Kate works. She’s telling us all about why masks are important, and how to fit a mask on humans and, if you have them, dinosaurs.
This Sunday 

8:00am BCP Eucharist
Presiding: The Revd Canon Dr Stephen Ames
Preaching: The Revd Canon Dr Bob Derrenbacker
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9:15am Zoom Coffee Morning
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10:00am Choral Eucharist 
Presiding: The Revd Emily Fraser
Preaching: The Revd Canon Dr Bob Derrenbacker
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This Sunday's Bible Talk is available here:

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11:15am Zoom Bible Study
Join us in an online Bible Study following our 10am service, reflecting on 1 Peter. You will need a Zoom account to access this - there are instructions here for making one: Zoom Beginners Guide
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Click here for copies of the readings and study questions for use during the Study Group or for your own personal reflection during the week.

1:00pm Mandarin Worship 華語崇拜 
Led by our Cathedral Mandarin Ministry Team.
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Next Week

2.30pm Choral Evensong - Channel 31

Broadcast on Channel 31 (Melbourne & Geelong), this is a traditional Anglican service with music, prayer and scripture readings. Repeated on Tuesday via Livestream on the Cathedral's Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

5.10pm Choral Evensong: James, Apostle and Martyr 

A 30 minute service sung by the Cathedral Choir, this is a traditional Anglican service with music, prayer and scripture readings. 
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Wednesday and Friday
12.15pm Holy Eucharist
A 30 minute service of readings, prayers, a short address and Holy Communion led by a member of the Cathedral Clergy.
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7.00pm Zoom Congregational Catchup

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Sunday 2 August: The Transfiguration of our Lord
8:00am BCP Eucharist
Preacher: Canon Christopher Carolane
9:15am Zoom Coffee Morning
10:00am Choral Eucharist
Preacher: Canon Christopher Carolane
11:15am Zoom Bible Study
1:00pm Mandarin Worship 華語崇拜 
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Worship At Home

Online Resources

Our 'Worship at Home' page on our website which has lots of useful information including prayer resources, daily reflections and other ways to pray at home. 
Click here to access our 'Worship at Home' Resources

Read the Bible With Us

You may like to use these readings, which the Cathedral Clergy and Staff use for daily prayer, as part of your personal devotions throughout the week

Monday: Ps 68.1-20, John 8.31-47

Tuesday: Ps 71, John 8.48-59
Wednesday: Ps 69.1-16, John 9.1-17
Thursday: Ps 72, John 9.18-38
Friday: Ps 59, John 9.39-10.18
Saturday: Ps 74, John 10.19-39

An order for Morning and Evening Prayer with Readings can be found here
Pray With Us

The ministry team of St Paul’s Cathedral has been meeting electronically for morning prayer, during which they remember each member of our electoral roll and other parishioners by name over the course of the week. Know that we are holding each and every one of you in our prayers.

Prayer Points for the Week

The World
Political will in our country to address the issues facing our First Nations people, and act for the benefit of all Australians; meaningful response to the outcry against racism in the US; protection of and provision for refugees around the world as many are exposed to second waves of COVID-19 infections; peaceful and just resolution of the political tensions in Hong Kong, and safety for protesters; the people of south Japan, recovering from floods and contending with landslides; political stability in South America, particularly in Brazil and Venezuela; wisdom for those responsible for determining our community's response to COVID-19, and provision of care and daily needs for those in the public housing towers under lockdown.

The Anglican Communion
Pray for the team responsible for preparing the Lambeth Conference, which was due to be taking place now – please pray for them as they consider the implications of its postponement in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Australian Anglican Church
Diocese of Grafton (Bp Murray Harvey, Clergy and People)

The Diocese of Melbourne
Inner West Church Kensington (Peter Greenwood)

Those in Sickness or Need
Joan Woodhouse, Simon, Beryl Coombe, Robyn & David Forbes, Judy and Frank Clift, Andrew, Lucilia & Carlota Soares, Janet Marsden, Pam Sullivan, Patsy King, Christopher Ellis, Martin Devine, John, Mark Rostoks, Henri-Felix Vinson, Sum Vita, Maria Vonn, Brian, Rose, Kathleen & Samuel Hodgson, Nancy Paterson, Paul Jeya Sorga Kumar, David Ormerod, Helen, Graeme Giles, Eleanor Peeler, Murray Seiffert, Jennie Carolane-Balks.

Recently Died
Don Edgar (Priest)

Year’s Minds
28      Felix Raymond Arnott (Bishop) 1988
29      Howard Frederick Dillon (Canon) 2009
31      Charles James Griffith (Chancellor) 1863        
          Charles William Haddon Barnes (Registrar) 1973
Aug 1 Keith Turner (Lay Canon) 1968

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