'Til Opening Day @KCA! (vol. 5)
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KCA Student News
The Kalmiopsis Collection & you

Things are happening with KCA's first artistic endeavor, The Kalmiopsis Collection. "An Introduction to the Kalmiopsis" Zoom workshop drew an online crowd of 20, and together we learned the unique characteristics of the Kalmiopsis, how to make frozen paintings, listened to organic storytelling, and more. We are so grateful that Justin Rohde, Pam Haunschild, and Christie Fairchild chose to share their wisdom with us.

Next up: May 1 is the submissions deadline to The Kalmiopsis Collection (for youth age 12-20). The first 10 artists will receive at least $100 for their work. Register HERE. More information HERE.

Are you interested in submitting to The Kalmiopsis Collection and think a Kalmiopsis film would be your artistic mode? The Southern Oregon Guild, our partner in crime, is hosting an online workshop with filmmaker and teaching artist Alex Gaylon, who is excited about our project and welcomes young artists to the Filmmaking and Editing Workshop from 12-3pm April 23 and 30. Youth can receive a full or partial scholarship. More details and register HERE.
A Piece of the Proposal
Enrollment Projections


This week, we want to share the enrollment piece of the proposal! 


Here’s the whole plan straight out of the proposal:



Year 1 is a “soft start,” serving grades 9 and 10, giving the founders of KCA time to establish sustainable programs and grow our staff. In year two, we anticipate the majority of students who were in grades 9 and 10 will return to complete the next grade level, and we will also accept a third class of incoming 9th graders. By year 3, KCA will serve all four grades 9-12 and begin graduating students, having had adequate time to prepare for the responsibility of ensuring students can meet requirements for graduation.

The enrollment growth plan aligns with our commitment to an ideal class size of 15 students, with a maximum enrollment of 20 students in each grade. A smaller school provides students with frequent one-on-one mentoring with their advisor, place-based learning excursions, and democratic schoolwide meetings. KCA will aim for a staff-to-student ratio of 1 to 15. The size of available facilities may limit the growth plan listed above; however, even with ample space, KCA will limit capacity to a maximum of 80 students.


Here’s what it means for families (if we are approved this year, opening doors this August):


If your child (or you, the future student) is currently in 8th grade or 9th grade, they will be eligible to enroll in KCA as a Freshman or Sophomore in Year 1! By next summer, we’ll be opening enrollment for the next year of Freshmen, who are currently in 7th grade. And so on, and so forth! After Year 1, there will be a handful of openings in 10th-12th grades as the years go on, though we expect many students will continue to graduate at KCA. 

Please submit an Interest Form (click here) if you have a child in elementary, middle or high school who is considering enrolling in KCA! The form is mutually non-binding, and really helps us gauge interest and anticipate enrollment. 


Charter School Conversations
Inspiration from Alabama

The first LGBTQ+ friendly charter school has opened! The school is located outside Birmingham, Alabama, and we salute the conviction of the creators of Magic City Acceptance Academy, whose mission is:

To facilitate a community where all learners are empowered to embrace education, achieve individual success, and take ownership of their future in a brave, LGBTQ-affirming learning environment.

Everyone is welcome at Magic City Acceptance Academy, with LGBTQ+ students certain they will be accepted for who they are. Read more about the school HERE.
Action Steps
  • Write a letter of support for KCA and email us! We will present letters to the school board at our public hearing on April 6.
  • April 6th at Illinois Valley High School = Public Hearing = A BIG DEAL = come down and show your support!
  • Help us make "KCA Chili" for the 6th annual Chili Cook-Off, a benefit for the Cave Junction Farmers Market and KXCJ, on Saturday March 19 @ the Dome School
  • Start thinking about "Creative KCA" raft ideas for the Hathkapasuta River Celebration this June! 
  • Register for The Kalmiopsis Collection.
  • Complete an Interest Form.
Fun and Miscellany
International Women's Day

To celebrate today, International Women's Day, we'll look left towards Japan and right towards New York City to find a woman made of both geographies: Ms. Yoko Ono. Each night in March, Yoko is broadcasting "Imagine Peace" across digital billboards in six global cities (Berlin, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Milan, Seoul, London, and New York) at 8:22pm local time.

Thank you, Yoko! May we all imagine peace during these unsettling times. We'll end this newsletter with two poems(?) by Yoko:

Make a hole.
Leave it in the wind.

1961 autumn
Yoko Ono


Imagine the clouds dripping.
Dig a hole in your garden to
put them in.

1963 spring
Yoko Ono
Who Are We Writing For?
This newsletter is for potential KCA students and families, Illinois Valley creatives, educators, local community members, and everyone else who supports the creation of KCA! (Read our Mission, Vision, and Four Core Values). As a community-focused school, we want to be transparent to our community and help you feel "in the know" as KCA flows its way towards opening day.

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