'Til Opening Day @KCA! (Vol. 2)
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Three Rivers School District Updates
February's board meeting!

Kerby School
image source: Three Rivers School District

Next up: February's school board meeting!
The board will decide whether our proposal is complete.
(If "yes!" then we'll begin preparing for April's public hearing)
(If "no!" then we'll learn what's missing, revise, and resubmit)

Wednesday, February 16
Illinois Valley High School in Cave Junction

2pm: IVHS student panel
4pm: Meeting begins
The meeting might be moved online: check HERE for the most up-to-date schedule.

Please consider making a public comment in support of KCA! If the meeting is in-person, just show up, add your name to the list, and speak for 2-3 minutes max. If the meeting is livestreamed, go HERE and check the chat box for a speaker sign-up form.
Action Steps
Join a committee! Complete an Interest Form!

#1 Join a committee!

We're forming committees to help prepare for opening day. No experience necessary and the commitment won't be too much -- but you do need to be reliable, a good listener, and open to others' ideas. Children are always welcome at meetings.

KCA Organizational Board Meeting
Monday, January 31 [6pm-8pm]

Illinois Valley Family Coalition’s River Room
535 East River Street in Cave Junction

Board meeting agendas and minutes can be found HERE.

#2 Complete an Interest Form!

Think your kiddo might be a good fit for KCA? Complete an Interest Form! This helps us keep track of potential KCA families. For those who have already submitted an Interest Form, thank you!
KCA Student News
A New Day, A New Logo


Soon, the above image of Kalmiopsis leachiana will be gone, for one of our potential students is designing a new KCA logo! But we will never forget you, dearest copyright-free image from Wikipedia, for helping us get started.
A Piece of the Proposal
Bell Schedule

The Bell Schedule, at a glance, shows what time the bell will ring and spur students and staff to bustle onto new activities each day, but it also gives a look at how “a day in the life” will feel for students. As shown in the 2022-23 Calendar, the school year is divided into two semesters and three intensive sessions. Throughout all of those changes in classes and content, the daily rhythm will stay the same.


While checking out our proposed Bell Schedule, here are some things to notice:


  • Late Arrival, Early Dismissal: School days will begin later in the morning than a typical high school, with first period beginning at 9am, and school days will end early as well, with a 2:30pm dismissal.
  • Two Meals A Day: Nutritious, organic and local, when possible. Meals will be served for breakfast and lunch.
  • Block Scheduling: Eight 90-minute class periods each week will take place over the course of Monday-Friday, with Monday/Wednesday “A days” holding class periods 1, 2 and 3, Tuesday/Thursday “B days” holding class periods 4, 5 and 6, and Friday “C days” holding class periods 7a, 7b and 8. 
  • Movement, Rest and Social Times: There will be ample time each day for nutrition, exercise, socializing and rest with a 40-minute morning breakfast window, a 20-minute morning tea break, and a 40-minute lunch break all holding space between each class period. It is also our hope that, eventually, school can be open to students before and after normal school hours.  
  • Things May Change: This Bell Schedule is our dream. The reality may look differently dependent on other related factors such as transportation, KCA’s location and other local schools' schedules. We’ll loop back around to share an updated Bell Schedule and 2022-23 Calendar closer to opening day as everything continues to unfold and reveal itself! 


To view and download the complete files, which includes a sample student schedule, click the Bell Schedule above or click for the Bell Schedule and Sample Student Schedule. "

Fun & Miscellany
This one's for the teachers.
Whatever your stripes, it takes all types...

Who Are We Writing For?
This newsletter is for potential KCA students and families, Illinois Valley creatives, educators, local community members, and everyone else who supports the creation of KCA! (Read our Mission, Vision, and Four Core Values). As a community-focused school, we want to be transparent to our community and help you feel "in the know" as KCA flows its way towards opening day.

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