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Finishing it / Starting Something New, Writing Prompt, & More
Have you started a creative project that you absolutely intend to finish... someday?

But soon, of course! Soon! Just as soon as you have time to schedule time to work on it again. Any day now.

Here's an idea: have you tried "rebelling" and working on another (smaller? easier? less pressured? or hugely ambitious?) creative project, as a way of playing hooky? While maintaining the creative mindset?

It's often the only way I get anything done: by working on some other thing. My brain turns the primary project into a "should" (instead of a "choose to," which requires mindfulness, sheesh) and my brain needs breaks from "shoulds." So I toggle between creative works (and general tasks) regularly.

Often the only reason I start something new is because I need a break from that other thing. Then going back to the original thing feels fresh and I can make more progress on it.

And most often than not, the only reason I finish something is because of a deadline. Plain and simple.

Regardless, finishing something is such a relief! It opens doors for the thing itself. It also opens doors for our time and how we spend it. ahhhhh....

AND: working on something new can be such a relief! Such a pleasure if it's less important OR if it's important in a very different way.

Every time we work on anything creative, whether it's the primary piece or a playing-hooky piece: there's the moment of transition, of crossing over into that space.

For me of late it's been sitting at my desk, and before doing anything else, opening a document of short fiction I'm writing for the sheer pleasure of it.

It's my playing-hooky thing but it's also the thing that lights me up at the top of the workday.

I can physically feel the shift when I choose to open that doc instead of doing anything else. It's a crossing over that feels energizing. I rarely work more than 30 minutes on it, but it's my favorite thing to do at my desk, and by golly we all need something we enjoy making on a workday. Srrsly.

Do you have a project that sparks you, creative or otherwise, that makes you feel the positive shift, the excited crossing-over as you prepare to focus on it?

Here's a prompt that's related to this sort of thing:
Here it is in writing—5-minute time limit:
  • Write about a time when you crossed over to a new situation, place, person, etc., and you were aware of the moment/time of transition.
Here's a playlist of prompts like the one above. I'm posting them on Tuesdays on YouTube and social media.

May the prompts inspire you to write about your life with humor and honesty.

I have a brand-new immersive workshop that will help you finish OR start something new and make loads of progress, so scroll down for that.

If you've been unwell, I hope you're recovering or recovered.

The war on Ukraine in now in its 28th week, Ethiopia's civil war is in its 22nd month, and refugees all over the world need help. Here's an organization that's providing help everywhere.

Today is the 21st anniversary of 9/11. Here are suggestions if you wish to commemorate it.

If you're in mourning, I send my heartfelt condolences.

I'm so glad you're here.
Here's this month's update.
Want to finish the draft? Or make great progress on a new one?
3-Month Immersion: Solo Show & Memoir Workshop
Mondays, 4pm Pacific Time
September 19 - December 12
You will walk away with a 30-minute performable draft and a staged reading for your invited audience!
On top of 3 months of weekly classes, this is also included:
       • 1 private coaching session 
       • 1 written script assessment 
       • Handouts: on creation timeline, structure, writing/creativity tips, recommended reading & viewing
       • 2 Monthly Pop-in Workshops on first Fridays
       • 30 min in-class performance/reading with feedback as preparation for the final workshop performance/reading
       • Live-streamed workshop performance or reading for an invited audience 

Click here for more info.

Click here to try a FREE workshop.

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Alien Citizen "live" on October 1!

I'm bringing Alien Citizen out of retirement to perform excerpts in L.A. on October 1 at 2pm as part of 24th Street Theatre's "Saturday Explorer Series." Come see it if you haven't yet! 😘
If you've been following news on climate change over the last two+ decades, you know why I'm posting this:

Donate to the World Resources Institute

And here are helpful tips on what we can do individually and collectively to save our planet and ourselves on Earth, our one and only home.

Interviewing with speaker agencies!

I hope to have an agent who gets me speaking gigs by the end of the month. Regardless, here's my new & improved Speaker page. Please check it out! I'm proud of all those logos at the bottom and am not ashamed to say I want you to see 'em. 😄
"Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."
- A Wise Person

If you're struggling,
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