Living Faith enews: 31 July 2020
Dear Living Faith Uniting Church Family and Friends

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." 
Proverbs 16:3 NIV

The striking rock formation above forms part of the Timna National Park in Israel. These outcrops are believed to be the remains of residue copper mines from the time of King Solomon. Millenniums have passed since Solomon's time, yet the wisdom he espoused in Proverbs is still rock solid today.

Human plans can be inadequate in these unprecedented times we are living in. God has given us Scripture which provides light as we go through the tumultuous and sometimes crumbling debris of life. Prioritising what God says about our situations provides us with a 'firm foundation' as we embark on terrain leading towards our goals. This gives us tremendous confidence to proceed as we trust in Jesus, the rock of our salvation.

This week a Telstra technician visited the church and after providing some phone service, he expressed his fears about contracting Covid19 due to the different work environments he traverses. He was delighted when our Invitation Mission Team offered to pray for him and gladly accepted one of our Invitation Cards for our online ministry. We must never underestimate the power of prayer and the difference it can make in someone's life. 
Talking of praying, we had our first online Coffee Lounge prayer meeting last Friday evening. Nothing better than a warm cup of Milo, tea or coffee with friends and our Lord! Please join us this Friday at 7pm by simply clicking the link that appears below in this newsletter.

Oh yes, talking of clicking links - we had a delightful Sharing and Caring meeting last Sunday morning. What a joy it is to see each other and to hear from each other! Please join us this Sunday 2 August at 9am by clicking the link that appears under the online Coffee Lounge information. I am dying to see you all! Remember that Richard is available to assist you in being part of these gatherings. He can be contacted on 0402 725 002.

Enjoy our new segment in this newsletter entitled, "
Trip down memory lane". If you have a special photograph/s of a place you have lived or visited and would like to share it with others, please email it to me. This week we will escorted to Prague - enjoy! 

Some exciting news - we are in the process of finalising paperwork for a tenant for our manse. Please pray with us for a smooth process and for them to feel well settled and "at home" once all goes through. 

We've all heard the saying, "Follow your heart". Your heart will never lie to you because Jesus lives in your heart. Commit to Him the desires and plans you have for your life and ask Him to enfold them in His will. He specialises in bringing the impossible to fruition. 

Your friend,

Tel: 0432 067 227
Please find below an excerpt from our friend, Christine Bryant, in Senegal. 

Dear friends,
It’s cloudy and rainy today! This year’s wet season has got off to a great start, it is much more like what I remember from my early years here and people are very excited about it and especially the hope of good crops this year. The last several years the rain has come very late and there hasn’t been very much. This year there’s been a lot of rain already, and it’s good soaking rain. It makes my house feel nice and cosy and I’m enjoying the cooler air it brings. 
The end of year was different to usual, but we tried to keep some traditions in place like giving out goodbye cards, digitally this time, and also holding a graduation/goodbye celebration for the year 11's on zoom. You might remember that I am responsible for the year 11's this year. I’ve been their form teacher for the last three years now so it was particularly hard to say goodbye, especially from a distance. The zoom graduation was a new challenge and addressing the kids via a computer seemed very strange indeed. They were grateful that we did it though and I think it has helped them to recognise the ending to their time here and to start to move on, rather than just drifting away after leaving in March and not being able to come back. Please pray for them as they move on, especially given all the uncertainty this year. I’ll put some pictures of the year 11's and the graduation below.
Thank you for praying for the difficult situation that I mentioned in my last email. I am very happy to be able to say that there was a positive outcome and that a resolution of sorts was reached in the time frame I was hoping for (before the summer break.) There were some aspects that didn’t unfold as I had expected, but God has given me peace about that and so I will leave it in God’s hands and let him work it out in his timing. Thank you so much for praying, it means a lot to me. Both the outcome and the peace I feel about things are very clear answers to prayer. Please pray for a positive way to move forward when the new school year starts.
Thank you again for all of your support, prayer and encouragement; I am so blessed to have such an amazing team standing with me, I really couldn’t do this without you.
I pray that you are all keeping safe. Let me know if there are ways I can be praying for you as well.
With lots of love,
ONLINE COFFEE LOUNGE PRAYER MEETING         Friday 31 July 7pm – 8pm
Let’s join together as a church community for a time of prayer. We will come before God with our prayers of gratitude, our personal requests and our prayers for others. Grab a cuppa and get in a comfy chair – we’d love to have you onboard. Click the link below on 24 July at 7pm:
Sunday 2 August  9am – 10am
Are you keen to catch up with others that you have not seen in a while? Imagine the joy of chatting about what we have been up to and just sharing generally about life, family and faith. We’d love you to attend this session, come as you are for this special time together. To join in on the fun, click on the link below on 26 July at 9am:
These beautiful pictures of Prague were submitted by Peter and Daphne L. Prague is an enchanting city that captures your attention with its ancient cobbled walkways and European delectables. The dominant and mystical Prague Castle hailing from the 9th century, beckons one to explore all it's alcoves. Charles Bridge is adorned by baroque-era statues on either side and provides a wonderful view of the Vltava River as you amble across taking in all the historical sites this city offers. Do take a read of the "Krusta" sign above - a reminder of the powerful tools God has given us in our hands. Let us always use them for good. 

Tithes and donations can be made through online banking during this season. 

Please contact TIM EAKIN or NORELLE DEETH for assistance with online banking if you are unsure of the process 


Bank details: ANZ BANK; BSB: 014010   ACC NO. 191452412
Living Faith Uniting Church has a team of people who faithfully pray over matters affecting our lives, our church and our world. If you have a specific need and would like prayer, please contact Norelle on or Iris on and we'll commit your needs to prayer.
QUARANTINE PHOTOS - Our dear friend Su has been spending time with her sons, Ineshka and Anuk during lock-down. Boys, you can be proud of your mum and Su, you can be proud of your young men! Thank you for sharing this picture with us! 

Over to you - we'd love to see some photos of our church family each week. 
If you would like to participate, please send a photo of yourself or your family during self-isolation to and we'll publish them in upcoming newsletters.
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