Living Faith enews: 4 September 2020
Dear Living Faith Uniting Church Family and Friends

"The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field." 
Psalm 103:15 

God designed sunflowers to seek out the direction of sunlight as each day progresses. They flex and move in such a way that they can fully absorb the nourishment that the sun's rays offer to them. This is a wonderful representation of how a Christian's life should be. Our hearts and minds should be directed towards Jesus, the giver of light and life to our souls. We need His protection and warmth during these uncertain times. 

You may have heard the saying, "Bloom where you are planted." We bloom in the presence of Almighty God by praying and spending time reading Scripture. Additionally, we bloom by serving alongside others in working for the extension of God's Kingdom. Why has God planted you at Living Faith Uniting Church? None of us have come to God or our church by accident - it is by God's initiative. How does God want you to bloom in this season? Perhaps you feel Him nudging you into a form of service that may seem small, yet it may be significant for someone else. Stretch yourself out towards Him in prayer and allow Jesus to be the central stem that guides you. 

We are looking forward to meeting again in-person this Sunday 6 September. There are Synod-based guidelines which need to be adhered to as part of the process and these are outlined below in the newsletter. We thank you for reading these ahead of attending services. 

There is an
EXCITING COMPETITION  to tell you about! We will be having a "Fancy Face- Mask" competition each Sunday in September. You are encouraged to decorate your face mask with a Bible verse, or a fun statement, or a picture - in fact any design will do! Each week we will choose a winner and they will receive an appropriate Covid-inspired prize! So starting this Sunday, don your face-mask with pride and win!! 

I will see you soon! 

Your friend,

Tel: 0432 067 227

We are all feeling a level of excitement at the prospect of meeting at church again to worship our Lord and be in the company of our church family. As we prepare for these times together, we ask that you please read through the important guidelines below before arrival at the church.
We want to ask that everybody approaches our proposed Sunday services with a spirit of flexibility as we find our feet in doing things in a brand new way. We encourage you to “go with the flow” with the various new elements that are needing to be implemented at this time. 
  • The movement of people on a Sunday morning will be confined to the auditorium, the disability toilet and the boardroom area. Please do not enter into any other area of the church premises so that potential cross-contamination is avoided and the burden on our church cleaners is alleviated.
  • We urge you to follow Government Health Directives when deciding on whether or not to attend in-person services. Each person is responsible for their own choice in balancing the risks involved in attending services. 
  • Children are welcome to attend services, however, we are unable to provide the Kidz Church program at this time. Please bring activities for your children to enjoy beside you during the service. 
  • Our COVID Safe Worship Plan allows for a maximum of 50 people to attend a service. Please advise Rev Iris Marais via sms or email of your intention to attend so that we don’t have to turn anyone away at the door. Contact: OR SMS 0432 067 227
 Please Do
Stay home if you are sick
If you have any COVID19 symptoms, no matter how mild, please get tested
Stay 1.5 metres away from each other —think two big steps
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or hand sanitizer before arrival
Sneeze or cough into your arm or a tissue. Then put the tissue into the bin and re-sanitise your hands. 
Please do not
Go near people if you are coughing (excluding asthma coughs) or sneezing
Touch your mouth, nose and eyes
Shake hands
Hug or kiss people 
  • We are required to record attendees and usher you to your seat. This will take a bit of extra time upon arrival. Once seated, please remain seated in your allocated chair and do not change seats. Unfortunately moving around the church and chatting with friends is not an option 
  • Please practice physical distancing of 1.5 meters in the church and in the car park.  
  • Services will initially start at 9am and we invite you to arrive from 8:50am. 
  • Please note that the windows and doors in the auditorium will be left open for ventilation during the service and air conditioners will be left off. You are encouraged to wear warm clothing suitable for the day.   
  • There will be no communion. We will advise when this sacrament will recommence. 
  • There will be no morning tea initially. Please disperse to your vehicles after worship. Having morning tea with family or friends at a nearby coffee shop or inviting a friend over are personal choices at this stage. We encourage you to follow the COVID safe directives. 
  • There will be no cash collection taken during the service. We thank you for your online giving at this time. 
  • You are encouraged to wear a face-mask. 
  • You are encouraged to download the COVID SAFE APP on your phone
It is a blessing to be able to meet together again to worship our Lord Jesus. The process will feel strange initially as we find our new rhythm over the coming weeks. We hope the new normal will become more familiar over time.
We ask you to please express your love for your fellow congregation members by following the above guidelines which will enable us to attend church with the lowest possible chance of picking up COVID-19. None of us can afford to contract this disease and our primary concern is for people’s safety.
We look forward to seeing you and hosting you at our September services.
Your Covid Safety Team
Sermon notes for the Sunday 6 September services are available for you to print and bring to the service by clicking below:

To print the notes "click" on the "print" icon as shown below:
Click on the link below for details of this rental
Let Iris know if you would like to give one or more of her business cards to folk in need of pastoral care and we'll arrange to get business cards to you. 

Tithes and donations can be made through online banking during this season. 

Please contact TIM EAKIN or NORELLE DEETH for assistance with online banking if you are unsure of the process 


Bank details: ANZ BANK; BSB: 014010   ACC NO. 191452412
Living Faith Uniting Church has a team of people who faithfully pray over matters affecting our lives, our church and our world. If you have a specific need and would like prayer, please contact Norelle on or Iris on and we'll commit your needs to prayer.
Church Contact Details

For information on baptisms, weddings, funerals, pastoral care or other church matters please contact:

Rev Iris Marais
0432 067 227

Please note Tuesdays are Iris' day off
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