Living Faith enews: 14 August 2020
Dear Living Faith Uniting Church Family and Friends

"I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True." Revelation 19:11 (NIV)

This humble donkey photographed in Nazareth is a reminder of how God uses the lowly things of this world to confound us with the miraculous. We have heard the story many times about how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey on Palm Sunday. However, we often overlook "Episode 2" which is God's promise that Jesus will return a second time, riding a majestic white stallion. Sometimes when we are emotionally lost in the strife this world throws at us, we forget our ultimate redemption is a guarantee. Jesus will come again!

As we await His triumphant return, He has laid out His purposes and plans that by His strength we are to fulfil. The Good News is that it is never too late! While we are still on Earth, we are the hands and feet of the King that we serve. It is good to take time to reflect on what God is saying to us as individuals during this time. We start with reading Scripture, and then pray for discernment and open doors in the direction God wants us to take. His direction for our lives will always be in alignment with the Bible, but it will also involve faith. As one challenging evangelist famously once said, "If your vision does not scare you, it's not big enough."

Friends, do you know what God's vision is for your life? As an ex-Career Counsellor, I can tell you that there is nothing more fulfilling than doing what you were born to do. I have seen high-powered business people with all the money and trimmings, living frustrated lives because they never pursued the path they were really born to pursue. Jesus is a God of second chances! We may have a job, but it's also important to know what our purpose is - there is a difference between the two. Take time in the coming days to explore with God what your purpose in His Kingdom is, so that we may be lead to a place of fulfilment.

I want to express my deepest thanks to all the volunteers who have continued to give of their time and skills during Covid19 and have thus ensured the church remained operational. We also want to thank everyone for contributing to God's Kingdom through your tithes and offerings over the last months. We thank God for your and His faithfulness in our church finances.

Have a wonderful week!

Your friend,
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This week we CELEBRATE with Les and Joan C on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary. They were married on 13 August 1960 at St Stephens Presbyterian Church, Toowoomba, by Rev E. G. Miller.

Les has shared their story below with us:
Joan and I met through the P.F.A youth group. The Christian foundation we received there was the basis of the values which were the basis of our marriage. We have lived in a number of places due to my profession as a teacher. We have worshipped and enjoyed fellowship with many dedicated Christians in a number of churches. To God be the Glory. We often reflect on what makes a good marriage. These are a few thoughts:
  • Honour God in all that you do
  • Never let a busy life and feverish activity prevent you from having quality time with your family each day
  • Always be there for each other and be conscious of each other’s interests and needs
  • Love your children and provide a warm and caring home for them
Our 28 years of sharing and being richly blessed on our life journey at the Living Faith Uniting Church has enriched our lives in special ways. 

Love and Blessings
Les and Joan
ONLINE COFFEE LOUNGE PRAYER MEETING         Friday 14 August 7pm – 8pm
Let’s join together as a church community for a time of prayer. We will come before God with our prayers of gratitude, our personal requests and our prayers for others. Grab a cuppa and get in a comfy chair – we’d love to have you onboard. Click the link below on 24 July at 7pm:
Sunday 16 August  9am – 10am
Are you keen to catch up with others that you have not seen in a while? Imagine the joy of chatting about what we have been up to and just sharing generally about life, family and faith. We’d love you to attend this session, come as you are for this special time together. To join in on the fun, click on the link below on 26 July at 9am:
Our thanks are extended to Peter L this week for organising a little extra "housing" for our church to assist with storage. This container can be spotted tucked away in a corner of the church parking lot and will assist us greatly in creating extra needed space. 
Je t'aime, Paris! Or in other words, I love you Paris! This week Peter and Daphne share with us their 2016 sojourn to Paris in all its glory! The Gardens of Versailles offer moments of lingering delight as one admires flora that stretches out in vast directions, colours and designs. Napoleon left his mark in the canals and tunnels that he constructed in this city. Paris is certainly filled with plenty of waterways which provide a sense of life and vibrancy. I was once told there are 365 different cheeses in France, one for each day of the year. Anyone up for a baguette, some Camembert and ham alongside the French Alps? 
Where will we visit next week? Watch this space! 

Tithes and donations can be made through online banking during this season. 

Please contact TIM EAKIN or NORELLE DEETH for assistance with online banking if you are unsure of the process 


Bank details: ANZ BANK; BSB: 014010   ACC NO. 191452412
Living Faith Uniting Church has a team of people who faithfully pray over matters affecting our lives, our church and our world. If you have a specific need and would like prayer, please contact Norelle on or Iris on and we'll commit your needs to prayer.
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