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Tabetha McHugh’s Journey with a Super Flu back in 2017... This is why we need to stay in our BUBBLE!

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A little over a year ago I briefly re-entered the mainstream workforce (and totally guided to by my instincts), in fact the signage was so loud it was ridiculous.

I once believed that bullying in the workplace happened overtly, and blame myself a lot for not having the tool etc to cope better with interpersonal relationships at the time.  I have now realised that all forms of bulling don’t always happen loudly enough that we can hear them happening so to speak and if no one has made you aware of them or you haven’t decided to study human bullying behaviour, or come to a point of complete compassion for everybody on the planet and stand back objectively and observe other peoples behaviour...

The problem is we are all manipulated or coerced or bullied on some level some body in our lives and this is past on down through generation after generation and that is why don’t spot it.  Especially if personal growth is not on our personal radars.

I am an avid Breathwork Practitioner.

We know the we can breathe through the following;

Once you breathe through something, you let go of living in your head even if only for a moment and stop trying problem solve from the intellect, (which many of us know is futile, when you have already been triggered) and slowly you start being aware of what is really going on deeper within you as you dissolve the layers in casing the the deeper core issue.

The link I want to make here, comes down to a question...

Is my anxiety caused because I suffer PTSD from traumatic childhood events or even adult events, or do I ruminate (repeatedly have the same thought a lot in my mind and find it hard to stop) constantly on tough situations where my judgements, opinions or actions have been called in to question?

At what point does it all stop being something that has been triggered or my natural Psychic State? 

Do the people accusing me of doing certain things and not always (necessarily an accurate account of events) continue to think about me and the situation and because they are angry, set up a psychic feedback loop that goes round and around, until either we get taken into a completely new moment or someone sends love into the situation or we clear it?

to be continued...


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