October 2020 Newsletter
All That Jazz
Again, Jesus began to teach by the lake. The crowd that gathered
around him was so large that he got into a boat and sat in it out on the lake,
while all the people were along the shore at the water’s edge. (Mark 4:1)
There’s a famous record of Ella Fitzgerald singing the jazz classic, “Mack the Knife.” It’s an incredible performance, but what makes it so memorable is the fact that, halfway through the song, Ella forgot the lyrics. But she didn’t stop singing, or ask to start over again. She simply began to improvise, to just make up the words as they came to her. It was one of these moments in time captured on record that can never be repeated or recreated. It was simply magic.

Jesus was a pretty good improviser as well. He was constantly finding himself in awkward or unpredictable situations. Case in point: Jesus starts teaching beside Lake Galilee. And as he’s teaching, the crowd starts growing and growing, so that only the people in the front couple of rows can see or hear him. So what does Jesus do? He improvises. He borrows a fishing boat from one of the local fishermen, and floats out into the middle of the lake, and continues his sermon right where he left off.

Not all of us are jazz musicians. But we’ve all had to learn how to improvise these days. Our schools are a good examples: Music teachers are helping kids experiment with body percussion while they stay at their desks; teachers are setting aside all their old lesson plans, and making lessons up from scratch; and phys. ed. teachers are racking their brains to think of as many outdoor activities as possible. 2020 will certainly be a year for the history books…

And we’ve been doing a lot of improvising here in our shared ministry as well. This September we experimented with worshiping outdoors, even in cool or windy weather. Our confirmation class has been learning outdoors as well  - we even had one lesson around a campfire! And just when we were getting prepared to finally worship in our own building again, we find ourselves in a “Code Orange!” What else can we do? We’ve got to improvise.

So during this Code Orange time, for however long it lasts, we’ll be focusing on livestreaming our worship services. A small group of worship leaders (musicians, readers, etc.) will meet at the church (alternating between Prince of Peace and Abundant Life) on Sunday mornings to lead worship over a platform called “Twitch,” and we hope you’ll join us! This is a new thing for all of us, so it will take some time for us to learn all the ins and outs, and iron out the kinks. But hopefully, when we are ready to return to in-person worship, we’ll be able to build on all that we’ve learned, to continue to livestream our services so that those who cannot attend worship in person will still be able to worship with us.

For this time, we’ve chosen to livestream worship at 11 am each Sunday. This will allow us to have a consistent time every Sunday. If you are not able to join us for worship then, no worries! We’ll be uploading a recording of the service to Youtube later on Sunday. If you check your email or the website on Sunday evening, you should find a link there.
Sometimes improvising like a jazz musician can get tiring, because we have to continue to adapt to new situations. It can be exhausting! However, if we remain open to the experience, we may find ourselves surprised by unexpected moments of joy, as we witness the Spirit moving among us in fresh new ways.

Peace be with each one of you.
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CORE TEAM Top 3 Highlights
The Core Team has been continuing to meet monthly (except for July) to stay on top of different items with church. We met last on Sept 30th and here are the highlights:
  1. ALL is still a life-giving place, even when we aren’t there during this time of COVID.
  2. The Shared Ministry together with Prince of Peace.
  3. Memorial Gardens being created by October 31st.
Memorial Gardens
Some things to note: we still need to raise approximately $5000 to complete The Gardens. We have received $10,000 from ACTS of the MNO and have raised $10,000 from donations and memorial gifts. If you would like to contribute toward this, we welcome your gift.

We are looking for 2-3 people to be on a committee for the Gardens to help administer it after it has been built. Please prayerfully consider and contact Kim or Jeremy if interested.

Here are two pictures of the layout and where the Gardens will be placed.

Financially Speaking…
August was not a great month, but very typical for August. Year to date income is up slightly, but that is mostly thanks to our CEWS payments and not having to pay our full mortgage for 3 months earlier this year. Remember to keep on giving as you are able as our expenses are still happening. Thank you so much to those who have been and are able to donate.

Livestream Worship
ALL and PoP are now streaming their services on-line each Sunday - alternating weeks at each church.
Services begin at 11:00 am sharp each Sunday
You can find the livestream by
clicking here
The stream is also available on our website near the top of the homepage and on the worship page
If you are unable to view the livestream, we will be posting the recording each week, hopefully before too long on the Sunday of the service.

Sunday October 4 Service
On Sat October 3, five members from Abundant Life Lutheran rode their bicycles in this fundraiser for The Urban. We rode 25 kms (or you could say 125 kms combined). Lucas Kushnier, Candace & Dallas Kostna, Kendra Jacob-Azevedo and Kim Scherger were teammates who took on the challenge. We had a great time riding at Birds Hill Park on a beautiful autumn day. We layered up in warm clothes to start the morning off, but after the first loop of the park, some of those layers and mitts disappeared. Thanks to the support vehicle and first aiders, MacKinley Scherger and Gavin Bergeron, we were taken care of. Together we surpassed our goal and raised $1085.00 for the Urban. If you still want to donate, it’s not too late to do so; you have until Oct 31. And you have until early Oct 2021 to get ready for the next one.

Fall Youth Fundraising raffle

Tickets are $5.00 each

Funds raised will be used to support SLAW youth ministries.

Tickets are still available and will be for sale until Sun. October 11th

Please help us finish off this fundraiser that was in place before Covid.

Tickets are available by contacting Lisa van Dijk.

Cell # is (204) 293-6357 or email:  

Draw will be held Sunday October 11th (Thanksgiving)

Gift card raffle Prizes

1st prize $250 gift cards / 2nd prize Movie package / 3rd prize Chamois gold wash

Coordinator of Volunteers
ALL is looking for a volunteer coordinator to help find and organize volunteers for the many events that are taking place at church (livestreaming services, funerals, COVID Team, etc.). 
Are you interested in this role? If so please contact chair Kim Scherger ( Help us create this role and jump into the future of ALL.
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