April 2020
Hey everybody, these are truly uncertain times. To say the least, I'm sure that we all wish that we could press rewind right about now and go back to our normal lives. Watching the news and stressing out won’t make things change – but helping others who are in need in your community can make a lasting change one person at a time.  Nothing helps me get my mind off of worrying like helping someone else, I consider it doing my part to make things just a little bit better. It's tough right now for all of us, but remember to take a little time to take care of each other and ourselves and I have faith that we'll make it through just fine. In the midst of it all, don't forget to celebrate the everyday moments that continue to make us smile.
Lend a Hand
I'm a natural born feeder, and I show people my love through food. So my family and I reached out to a few elderly friends and delivered groceries to their door. Also in an effort to help local restaurants, I stopped by my friend’s restaurant and bought dinner for all of my neighbors.  The smiles on their faces that day was priceless.
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Conversations, Cocktails & Confetti!

Take Care of You
No doubt about it this is an emotional time.  So these days, I remember to ask myself “how am I feeling?” as a self-check-in whenever I feel anxious, overwhelmed, stir crazy or just plain ole over this whole thing.  Here's what else I've been reminding myself of too:

No ma'am to bored eating:  Believe me, I get it!  You bought all those groceries (including your favorite snacks), but you don't have to cook and eat everything at once. Pace yourself - you don't want to end up gaining the "Corona 15", 'cuz that's a whole ‘nother issue!
Move it Move it!  Get moving!  It will refocus your attention, clear your mind and make you just feel better overall. Tip: my gym friends and I get online every morning on a conferencing app and workout together since we can’t meet at the gym.
Hydrate: You may notice that since you are not running around that much, you may not be getting as much water as you need. Keep water close by and sip on the regular.
Moisturize: There is no reason why you should not come out of this thing looking like a whole new person. You are at home so why not hydrate your skin, deep condition your hair, oil your cuticles, everything you can think of and never have the time to do when it comes to #TLC - your body will thank you!
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You Got This!
If you're like me you're probably thinking...
I send my kid to school, because I don't know how to homeschool!  Well, take a breath. Your kid is smart, and I'm certain that they won't forget everything they've learned pre-quarantine - so don't be too hard on yourself or your kids - take it easy!

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Family Fun Times
Now more than ever we're reminded to love the one's your with.  Here are a few ideas for creating some fun times that will lift the spirits of your whole crew:

1. Cook together
When was the last time your whole family prepared one delicious dish all together?  I know, most days I like to keep my kitchen to myself - but since we're all at home, my Greek Lasagna is the perfect recipe to get us all cooking and laughing together in the kitchen. It starts with a layer of pasta, then a layer of spiced ground beef, and finishes with a homemade creamy béchamel sauce.  Trust me, this dish is a labor of love that’s equal parts totally worth it, and delicious. By the time you get this masterpiece into the oven, you’ll be ready to let the games below, begin! 

 2. Style Swap
Does each member of your family have their own swag, signature style or an item that they always wear?  Put it on! Then have that family member put on something of yours. Take turns until everyone has a chance to swap styles. My husband and I did this and when I tell you that I could not stop laughing when he came out in my vintage fur coat and my giant purse in the crook of his arm, stuffing it with snacks – I literally was LMAO! I mean really, do I really look like that? This fun game is a fun way to see yourself through your family's eyes. 
3. Now Walk It Out-Out 
When was the last time you turned up the music and danced it out in the middle of the living room floor? Well it’s time for an Old School Dance Party! Write the names of fun dances on a slips of paper and drop them in a bowl. You and your family take turns picking a dance, and then do that dance and show ‘em how it’s done! 
Easter is Just a Hop Away!
What better way to keep your kids busy than sending them on an Easter egg hunt! Boil and dye eggs and hide them around the house - but please don't forget where you put them!
Tip: turn your hunt into a fun educational game by writing letters and numbers on plastic eggs!
Let's Eat!
Comforting Dishes You're Sure to Love... 
Lemon Herb Crusted Lamb Chops
Lamb chops are much easier to make than a lamb loin or leg – follow this easy recipe for a delicious Easter dinner your family will love!
White Chicken Chili
This hearty version of chili with white beans and chicken is creamy, warm, spicy – and just makes you feel good inside and out!
No Bake Peanut Butter Pie
Looking for a delicious no bake pie that everyone will love? This lip-smackingly delicious no bake pie is sure to satisfy any peanut butter craving!
Dirty Shirley with Vodka Infused Cherries
After washing my hands so much, right now the only thing I want dirty is my cocktail!  21+ 
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