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I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Between you and me, store-bought rotisserie chicken has saved me a world of worry and time when it comes to feeding my family. It's delicious and flavorful, and (the best part) it's already prepared! Which makes it the easiest way to get dinner on the table with a quickness. 

I buy one every week and keep it in the fridge because, you never know when you're gonna need to improvise a quick snack or meal. Today, I'm going to put you on to some of my go-to recipes that are just as tasty as they are quick and simple, so keep reading, then head out to get yourself a tasty, juicy rotisserie chicken! 

If you were raised in the South, then you know that feeding folks is a grand part of Southern Hospitality and that you always have to have something to eat whenever you have visitors. Well, my girlfriend popped over for a visit this weekend and I had nothing prepared, but I did have a quick fix for that! 

My Cajun Chicken Salad to the rescue! I think this recipe will quickly become one of your go-tos too!
I love a hearty, creamy chowder in a bread bowl! Warm, comforting, and perfect for a chilly fall day. The only problem is the portion size. I get full too quickly and the bread gets too soggy to enjoy. So why not shrink the bread bowls into bites?

My Chicken Chowder Bites are sweet, spicy, and delicious without the mess! Oh, and did I mention the chowder takes under 10 minutes to make? You’ll be grinning in no time!
Quesadillas are known to be a simple dish, and I'm known to add my own twist to everything my hands touch so...

Start making your quesadillas like this! You'll get the gooey cheesiness that you're used to with layers of bonus flavors! After trying my Chicken-Black Bean Quesadilla Stackers, I guarantee you will never go back to eating folded quesadillas!
Use your leftover rotisserie chicken to make my delicious Buffalo Chicken Dip

This recipe will knock your socks off and what's even better is that it's been made keto-friendly! If you're on a high fat, high protein, low carb diet, you're in luck! Serve alongside your favorite veggies or simply eat it with a spoon. Everyone else? Grab your favorite dipping bread or chips and enjoy!
Keeping store-bought rotisserie chicken around means no worry, minimal mess, and a lot more time to do whatever you like! Pick the perfect, juiciest chicken every time with my tips below!

Tips for Buying the Perfect Chicken Every Time

1. You'll find larger, fresher chickens at big box stores. 

2. To avoid dry chicken, pick one that has good color on skin, but not any parts that look a little darker or super well done. 

3. Look for a chicken that has its juices pooling at the bottom of the container or bag. The juices keep it moist and tells how long it's been sitting out. No juices means that it has probably been sitting under a heat lamp for a while and has totally evaporated. 

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