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Updates, Next Steps & Reminders for Hunt Outfitters

September 8, 2021
IOGA Hunt Outfitters,
Following the Special Meeting of the IDFG Commission on September 1, we wanted to follow up with you to provide a summary of what happened, what led up to it, what comes next—and to give a couple of important reminders. As always, please reach out to Aaron Lieberman or Jeff Bitton with any questions, etc. 

2022 Allocated Tag #s Set in
Newly Capped Elk & Deer Hunts


Over the past several weeks, in advance of the September 1 Special Commission meeting, Department staff organized several meetings with IOGA (Aaron Lieberman and Jeff Bitton) to present, explain, and get input on their proposals/recommendations to the Commission regarding the allocation of outfitted Elk and Deer tags in the new capped nonresident elk and deer hunts for 2022. 

In short, this has to do with the Department following through with their intention to recalculate these hunts when they had better data, which in this case means using 2019 and 2020 outfitter use reports from the Outfitter and Guide Licensing Board to allocate tags for 2022 in the newly limited hunts.

For 2021 general deer hunts, staff recommends the Commission modify the number of outfitter allocated regular deer and white-tailed deer tags set by proclamation at the Commission’s November 20, 2020 meeting, based on 100% of the highest outfitted use as reported to IOGLB (2018-2019 use years). Because over-the-counter nonresident deer tags have sold out in most game units, increasing the number of outfitter allocated tags would also involve increasing the 2021 total nonresident limits in the affected units.

Staff recommendation for 2022 general elk and deer hunts in previously unlimited zones, staff recommends the Commission defer action on setting nonresident deer and elk tag limits until later this year. Deferring action for 2022 will give the Commission the ability to consider information from negotiated rulemaking related to the statewide outfitter set-aside and from upcoming staff discussion and coordination with IOGLB and IOGA regarding 2020 outfitter use information.

21-23 Commissioner Murphy moved and Commissioner Cameron seconded a motion that the Commission amend its November 20, 2020 proclamation as it relates to 2021 limits on total nonresident general hunt tags, over-the-counter tags, and outfitter allocated tags for regular deer and white-tailed deer as specified in the tables as they now appear before [the Commission], with direction to reduce the over-the-counter nonresident tag limit and any amended increase in the total nonresident tag limit for a unit, by no more than the number of tags needed to offset any amended increase in the limit for outfitter allocated tags, should nonresident over-the-counter tags be available in that unit now, or be later returned (such as in exchange for a controlled hunt tag). Motion carries.

IOGA Input/Comment
In these recent meetings with F&G staff, IOGA had the opportunity to provide general input, ask questions, and suggest some changes to the proposal(s), which were ultimately incorporated into the final recommendation to the Commission. See IOGA’s comments to the Commission here.

Commission Action(s)
The Commission met September 1, adopting the staff recommendation to set the number of nonresident and allocated-outfitted tags for 2022 in the newly capped limited deer and elk hunts using the data from 2019 and 2020 provided by the IOGLB. The number of allocated tags for each hunt was derived from the highest year of historic, verified outfitted tag use for 2019 and 2020.  

This changed the number of tags allocated for outfitted use in many hunts, increasing the number of available tags in some while other hunts saw a decrease of available tags (although, on balance, more hunts had an increase in tags than a decrease). 

Using 2019/2020 high use data for elk in the newly capped zones, the number of elk tags that would be allocated statewide would have exceed the 2800 elk tags in the set-aside (2800 being the increased number made possible by way of IOGA’s successful rulemaking petition). The Commission therefore approved the Staff recommendation to adopt a temporary rule to increase the set-aside for elk tags available for use by the outfitted public from current (temporary) rule of 2,800 to 2,900 for 2022. 

For deer, IDFG staff deemed that the current 1985 tags in the deer set-aside would be sufficient to cover actual use and did not recommend that the Commission adopt a temporary rule (as in the case of the elk set-aside) to increase the number of tags in the deer set-aside. They did, however, propose changes to the number of deer tags to be allocated to different newly capped deer units, which the commission similarly adopted. 
Click here for a table with the number of allocated tags for the 2022 season.
Click here to review the number of allocated tags for the 2021 season.


The Commission action of September 1 triggers the process of Designation, i.e., triggers IOGLB to recalculate designated tags for those hunts where the number of allocated tags has changed. IOGA has requested that the Board undertake this recalculation process as soon as possible.

Click here to read the IOGA letter to the Board.


REMINDER - IMPORTANT DEADLINE – September 10th, 2021  (From IOGLB)

Please remember that September 10th, 2021, is the last day to purchase your designated allocated controlled hunt tags from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) before unused allocated tags are put into a pool for other outfitters to use. This applies to all deer and elk controlled hunts.

Starting September 13th, 2021, the Board will designate tags out of the pool starting with outfitters on the waiting list, and then on a first-come, first-served basis. Outfitters who have purchased all their designated tags or who do not have designated tags are eligible for pool tags. To request pool tag(s), please complete and submit the waiting list form available here: 

Start Filling out the Outfitter Use Verification Form

Don't forget to start filling out the Idaho Outfitter Use Verification Form (found here) for any hunters, resident or nonresident, not using designated allocated tags for elk and deer. These reports must be turned into a Regional F&G office by December 20 to count towards your next allocation and count towards the highest year of outfitted use for the next F&G Commission allocation of tags in that hunt.

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Good luck hunting this fall. Call Jeff at 208-315-1840 or Aaron at 208-342-1438 if you have allocation questions or we can help in any other way.

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Potential Client Looking for an Outfitter (pasted from email):

I’m looking to book a guided hunt for 2021. This would be our first big hunt and the occasion is my brother’s bachelor party! I appreciate this is short notice so I was recommended to reach out to you to see if you’re able to post a listing in the event any outfitters have remaining availability or cancellations? Our criteria is as below:
  •  4 Hunters
  • Guided Rifle Hunt
  • Over the counter tag
  • Dates of availability: Nov ‘21 - Jan ‘22
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

Henry  (502) 409-0210
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