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It is ESSENTIAL that every hunt outfitter fill out the IOGA Tag Purchase Report . 

Take 5-10 minutes to submit your report(s). 

If you don't understand or need clarification on one of the questions, contact us. 
If you need help figuring out how to calculate your historic use, contact us.
If you are missing a piece of information and need helping finding it, contact us. 
Do not think this is not important or relevant to your business.
It is. 

Idaho Hunt Outfitter Report Form
It is critical that the hunt sector of the industry be able to quantify the impact of recent commission actions to cap previously general elk zones and deer units:
  • Historic tag use versus expected (new) allocation
  • The difference between each outfitter's historic tag use number and the number of tags they or their clients were able to purchase. 
  • The quantitative and financial impact of that difference. 
To that end, we have put together a fillable form where you can indicate  IF and How these actions impacted your business.

The Form will combine your responses into a combined spreadsheet such that we can tabulate/calculate overall impacts as well as hunt/zone specific impacts.

(If your business was not impacted, that is also important information—we're not trying to create a false representation of outcomes for the Department or Commission, but rather to bring real information about actual impacts to bear for their consideration in any forthcoming actions. )

Descriptions for the Key Terms and Questions in the Report:

Elk zone or deer unit. Please fill this form out for each Elk zone,  A tag  or B tag, and each Deer unit that you take hunters into.

Historical Tag Use #: This number is the average of your use of this tag for 2018 and 2019. (Example: if you took 10 hunters in units X in 2018 and 20 hunters in Unit X in 2019, then your Historic Use number is 15. )

% of Cut in Numbers: This asks what percent the tag numbers were cut by the action of the fish and game commission. If you don’t know that percentage, please reference the IDFG 5A Handout (or if you still have trouble, leave it blank).

Expected Allocation #: This number is arrived at by multiplying your historical tag use number times the percentage of reduction of tags has decided by the Fish And Game commission.

# of Tags Needed: This is the number of tags you have historically used and any additional tags in this hunt that you need to meet the number of hunters you have currently booked.

# of Tags Purchased: This is the number of tags you were able to purchase or your hunters purchased that you’re aware of in this hunt

Net Loss of Tags: This is the number of tags that you need minus the number of tags that have been purchased for that hunt.

Net Loss of Hunters: This is the number of hunters that will not be able to utilize your services because of the lack of an elk or deer tag.

Please fill out and submit the form for as many Zones and Units as you have to report on.
  • After submitting the form the first time, you will see a screen telling you "Your response has been recorded" with linked text below "Submit another response" which you can click to fill out the form again for your next zone/unit.

Idaho Hunt Outfitter Report Form
November F&G Proposal Gold Sheet
IDFG 5A Handout
IOGA Comment on Nonresident Participation Proposal
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