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#LifeLessons from Naval - Part 2 (#SoGv2 - 06)

Good evening. As promised yesterday, here is Part 2 of my notes / transcription etc of the conversation between Naval and Joe. Did you get to see it? Before you go ahead, you may want to read Part 1 here.

Part 2 of my notes are here... 
  • Meaning of life -love how he took the conversation to that point - he is literally controlling the conversation
    • Read more about Euthyphro Dilemma
      • Essentially, philosophical questions come to a dead end or they end up as...
        • Infinite regress (keep asking and digging deeper to no end)
        • Circular reason (a leads to b, b to c, c to d, d to a)
        • Axiom (I could not comprehend this). 
    • There is no answer to the meaning of life question
    • If there was an answer, we would become robots, each chasing the same goal. And if we achieve those goals, then what?
    • All answers to the question about the meaning of life end up in paradoxes 
      • You are unique and yet you are connected
      • I am nothing and I am everything 
    • Your life is a single-player game 
    • Answers are useless but the act of finding answers is the meaning - that gives you understanding and peace
    • Let's get you rich first! 
      • Riches allow you to chase spiritual and happy things. Buddha was rich! 
      • Old days - you become aesthetic and renounce to pursue peace and happiness.
      • These days - money. You do something, make money for adding value to society, live below your means, and then chase peace and happiness! 
      • There are no quick-rich schemes. Someone is trying to be rich at your expense. 
    • Hard science > social sciences 
    • If we had robots, we’d only do creative things 
  • How to get people rich 
    • How do you stop the material possession trap?
      • Cant! 
      • Most smart people understand this eventually
      • There is no happiness in material possessions. But a lack of those will make you unhappy (letter on 2 types of decisions - see SoGv2 - 4). Being rich may not make you happy. But being poor will make you unhappy. 
    • Happiness 
      • If you are smart you can and you need to make yourself happy 
      • If you smart, you are busy mind and that robs you from peace and thus you are not happy and thus you try to fix that.
      • You do things to get out of mind by taking psychedelics, sex etc.
      • If you see things properly you will get peace of mind.
      • We are all deluded that there is something that will make us happy at the end of the road and forever. Everyone is chasing that. And if there is, its death! 
      • You don't want luxury. you want freedom from money problems. either make money or lower lifestyle.
      • Retirement is when you stop sacrificing today for an imaginary tomorrow 
        • Either save and get passive income 
        • Drive burn rate to 0
        • You enjoy things so much that you don't worry about money! 
      • You essentially get rewarded for creating something brand new that society did not know how to get but through you! 
        • Individual brands / eponymous name brands 
        • Leveraged - podcast / letters etc. 
        • Specific knowledge
      • How to retire?
        • Be authentic, find a thing that you can do better than anyone (because you love it), map to something that society wants, leverage it, put your name on it (take risks but gain rewards - have ownership / equity).
        • #note2self - Must get my name on ALL things that I create. And then create more of. 
      • Get used to ignoring peers. Change definitions of peers. 
      • Your real resume is catalogue of all your suffering!
  • Life is a single player game. Its all in your head 
    • Whatever you believe, will shape your reality 
    • World reflects your feelings back at you 
    • Reality is neutral and no judgement 
    • If you believe happiness is a choice, you can work on it! 
  • Every man has two lives - second starts when he realises that he has just one 
  • Happy person wants 1000 things, a sick person wants just one
  • Careful of your desires. Desires are your suffering. Focus on one desire.
  • Happiness
    • Try to look at the bright side. Force it and make it second nature. 
  • Pick an hourly rate. 
    • Will not squander my time if its less than that. 
    • If you are working, work for your hourly rate! 
    • My hourly rate is Rs. 10000 an hour. Increase this by 33% every year.
    • Hire someone else if its below the threshold. 
    • Become extremely jealous of your time 
    • Meetings - dying an hour at a time (I dont agree)
  • Naval does not travel for business. #note2self - need to do this, though I dont agree. 
  • Work and play get blurred. People think that I am working. You are actually playing!! 

So, that's about it. Phew. 
The best intellectual roller-coaster ride in months. Learnt so much and have so much food for thought.

Apart from my notes, tons of people have made their notes on the talk. I have archived some here

Also, once you've consumed these, the next step is to listen to Naval talk to Shane. And Naval talk to Tim. Apart from these podcasts, consume everything that Naval has spoken, recommended or tweeted

And the question. What are your takeaways from this? 

That's about it. See you guys next week. Take care, be good. 
Thank you for your time! 
With gratitude, 
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