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A Wednesday. (#1KWAD - 03)

8:30 AM, 5 Jun 2019, Starbucks Girgaon, Mumbai

Good morning!
Lemme talk about Wednesday. 
You know, when I was growing up, I would consider Wednesday as my lucky day.
Guess why?

Because I was born on a Wednesday.
And I was naive enough to believe that things like numerology, astrology, God etc. exist and help us in numerous, unfathomable, unimaginable and invisible ways. Why would thus one person not have limbs and live in abject poverty and other builds a house for 4 people that can be home to 100,000 people! I know, I know. Believers will tell me that its the karma of the past lives is catching up. But then from where I look, I don't see the impact and I am happy to be a non-believer. 

Anyhow, religion is one of those things that you ought to speak less and less about. In fact, if Thanos were for real (maybe he is!), I would implore him to snap his fingers and get done with everyone that believes in organised religion. Really! 

Organised religion - that is the worst thing that we as humankind has ever invented. I know that dictators needed to control people and masses needed something to latch on to when they are listless and when things went beyond their control. But that worked back in the day when Science was still evolving. With time, religion has failed to keep up! You know what am saying?  

And as I write this, I find it funny that I am talking of the masses as if I have remained untouched from the influence of religion! I am guilty as well.

Don't really talk about this often but now that baat se baat nikli hai, lemme talk about the two instances that I can remember where I was so helpless, so listless, so out of clues that I did not know what to do. And thus, I turned to God and asked for help. 

Last year, I was producing this event in Helsinki and I made a HUGE blunder. The kinds that would make me question my very existence (and all the experience that I have gathered) as an event manager. I would have lost both money and reputation and there was no way out. I did everything I could - I even borrowed from friends and family (something that I never ever do) and decided that I will do it at loss, even if I had to. In fact, even that wasn't going to prove sufficient.

And this is when I folded my hands and prayed to the heavens up above and made a promise to walk barefoot to SiddhiVinayak temple if things go well.

And guess what? Things went like clockwork. Not only did I deliver a great show, I actually got paid well for it! 

The other time I remember when I sincerely prayed was I think in 2008 or 2009 or something. A very dear friend was detected with cancer (thankfully it was curable) and I did not know what to do to help. I prayed and she actually recovered (of course - she fought it and doctors did a great job). She's doing great now! That time I did not make a promise (at least I can't recall).

Apart from these two instances, I am not sure if I have prayed in true earnest.

And now as I write this, I don't mean to whine (or come across as someone that "used" God when I had the need) but here's a promise to myself. I am NEVER succumbing to religion or God ever again. If I do, and you hear me talk about it, please please remind me of this and stop me. 

PS: I understand that some of you may be religious. I do not mean to offend you or your sensibilities. This is my opinion and my perspective. The idea is to live with the differences. No? 

PPS: I have (way too many times in the past) and will continue to fold my hands and seek help and ask for alms from people, companies, things etc to get my work done. At least the output is tangible and the impact visible! 

That's it for the day. 
Wish you guys a great day ahead. 
Over and out. 
Thank you for your time! 
With gratitude, 

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