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The week that was... (#1KWAD - 04)

3:40 PM, 8 Jun 2019, Social Donut HQ, Mumbai

Good afternoon!
How's the weekend going?
For me, it's the usual.
Some aaram, some kaam, some poker and some joker. Yeah, that's the funniest I could ever be in life, despite the best intentions and efforts that I think I can make. 

So, the week has been ok so far. The one big thing is that I started with Poker again (on Poker Stars). It takes away too much time to be honest but because I am in this zone where things are not moving a lot for me (I will come back to this in a bit). And thus I can play some poker.

By this time next week, I hopefully would have a few things that will keep me busy and my poker journey would come to an end. Lemme talk about how.

Things not moving a lot...
You know that I am a "knowledge worker" and I offer my time and expertise and experience in exchange for money. This means that each minute I spend needs to be accounted for and I try to maximise the ROI on that.

I do that by trying to use my time by
  • a, either working (work must translate into money) or
  • b, by trying to find work (by meeting people that can give me work) or
  • c, by doing things that help my brand get better (better is loose term and a bigger, better brand must get me more meetings and thus more money; this includes things like letters, blogging, thinking, scouting for opportunities etc).
So, when I say things are not moving, it means that I've not done any of the three for some time and thus I don't have any open opportunities.
Thing is, the last one month has been terrible (since I came back from Baku) - nothing has moved - I have not met new people, I have not worked hard enough and thus I am not making money. And because things have stalled, I will hardly make any money over the next three or so months (these things have a far longer effect, you know). 
So, I just need to put the wheels back in the motion. And once I do, I will have these three come together and fall in place.
And the two key things that I will do to get back to action are the ones that will keep me busy in the next week (and thus away from poker). 

What will keep me busy next week? 
In the coming week, the two things that I will work on (I am putting this on record to make myself accountable) are...
  • a. think of the podcast / personal media idea that I've been thinking about for the last 3 centuries.
  • b. think of the future of C4E as a business. 
Both have the potential to greatly impact how my life could shape from here on and catapult me to another orbit (in terms of money, respect, abundance, happiness etc.). 

On the podcast piece, I am yet to find that hook that makes it interesting for a large audience. By large audience, I mean about a few million people - from all over the world. Almost everything that I can think of has been covered by multiple people and each has an audience of a billion people each! So, I am not sure what value could I add with the podcast that I want to start. You know what am saying? I am hoping that by the end of next week, I would have figured this. 

On the C4E front, I need to think where I want to take it as a business. There are few vague ideas that are swirling in my head and I need to decide on one and action it. I am thinking of things that range from either shutting the business altogether to raising some capital (to augment the team etc) and expand on what I do. Let's see what I decide. 

That's about it.
There are a few more things that I want to work on but I will keep these two as the goalposts for the week. Let's see where I end up. 
And now, lemme turn the conversation around. 
What about you?
What are you going to be busy next week? 
Tell me!
Do let me know if I can of any help.

That's it for the day. You guys take care. Drink water. Do write in. Niceness makes the world go around

Over and out. 
Thank you for your time! 
With gratitude, 

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