Hello, 2021!

Hello, ladies & gents and boys & girls and children of all ages!

2021 is officially here. And while that may mean that another number has been added to our ages, it also means that we have a shot at fresh start!

Oh, man! I get so excited when these new years happen!

Unlike the drudgery that shrouds us around the end of the year and the exasperation for the inability to do things that I had hoped to do in the year gone by, beginning of each new year fills me with hope! And like Andy says, “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I will be hoping that this letter finds you, and finds you well.” Ok I got carried away.

The point is, new year is here. And we ought to rejoice!

And like each year, I have made grand plans to do great things in the next few months. I wrote a super-long post about it here. Do read and let me know what you think.

If you’ve made your plans, your lists for the year, do share. Would love to see how you’ve organised your lives and goals. Maybe I’ll learn something from that? Maybe I’ll even share the best ones with everyone on this mailing list? Will help people get better?

So, that.

Ok, apart from that, this email is to announce three things…

A. This year, I am releasing the first edition of SoG Book.

I think I may have spoken about it earlier as well. But in case I havent, the SoG book is essentially a compilation of the best of SoG letters that I’ve send out over the years. I really think they’d be valuable read.

So far it’s just an idea. Let’s see how it goes. Help me with it? By telling me which is your favorite SoG? Please?

B. Scale up my attempts to contribute to lives of people around me.

Among other things, this includes doing more of these SoGs.

And no, I am not “contributing” to the lives for any altruistic reasons or whatever. The intent is to become better. And I get better when I learn from others. And by doing more things.

So that.

C. Living in Public

I want to embrace living in public this year. This means that what I do, what I say, what I think etc etc needs to be in sync. I will write a manifesto one of these days but I will be super honest and candid about how I live my life.

In fact, as part of that, I plan to write more this year. And I plan to build an audience for myself. I have shied away from that all my life but I now realise that I need to have an audience. Things get easier if you have others backing you. So that. Please do help me with it.

If you think my work has impacted you even a tad bit, do consider getting me access to more people. I am at or on twitter.

So yeah, thats about it for the time being.

Hope all is well with you.

Do write in and tell me about your plans for ‘21. And as always, if there’s anything I could do to help you, become better, do more with your life (or time), please DO reach out.

Till next time,

Saurabh Garg

PS: I am writing this on the new version of MailChimp and it is INCREDIBLY difficult to get any writing done. To chase the shiny blocked layout, they’ve fucked it up. Especially for people like me who need simple, minimalist things. I will move to a different mailing tool by the time I send the next edition. There could be a few snafus while I move. Please excuse.

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