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On a Sunday (#1KWAD - 05)

6:58 PM, 9 Jun 2019, Wadhwa, Mumbai 

Evening fellas!
What a day I've had! Phew! 

Started with meeting someone that I look up to, someone that I want to prove to (that I am worth his time and attention), took gyaan from him about life and all. He told me about a piece of advice that he got from this sage that changed his life. Will write about it some other day. 

Then I met this person that I met on twitter and I am hoping to work with her. An accomplished professional, almost my age, hoping to do things that she wants to (after living a life where she made other people rich). Let's see how it goes. 

Then I met this old friend and we caught up on the good times and bad times and all that. We talked of our respective struggles as creative entrepreneurs. We talked about people and relationships and all that. And we talked of a million other things. As always, enriching. And the conversation made me realise of my insecurities as an individual (and a man) and how I operate. I understood things that I don't do well (added to my self-awareness). I must change those. I hope someday I am able to get out of my inhibitions as an individual and operate from a higher place. The other thing that this friend sad and I agreed (and I often fail to communicate with my other friends) is that the day that she doesn't work, she doesn't earn. And when she doesn't earn, she doesn't spend (on even coffee or transit etc). I tell my friends that the day I don't work, I don't eat.

Then I met this 24-year old that I think has the potential to do great things. I hope she does that. She wanted advice and inputs and I gave her that. It fills my heart that there are young people out there that are not just about parties and making merry. There are some people that actually want to do great things! The other thing that happened while I was talking to her, I realised that if I keep at it for a few more years, the grand plan in life may actually come to life! Need to meet such people a lot more often. Need to find such young people. Know some? Please connect! 

Finally, here I am, writing this piece. And I know that this will reach 11 people and if data is to be believed, about 6 of you will read this. Which is amazing. Yet another thing to be thankful for! 

So, the other thing I am starting from today is that when I sleep, I will write (with a pen) three things that I am grateful for. I will use my affirmation journal for this (Yes, I do have a notepad on which I write about my dreams of being a billionaire and Mt. Everest ten times. Every day. Well, almost). I know this may sound stupid so the pragmatic people but I think this simple exercise keeps me grounded and yet allows me to set my goals really high. 

And yeah. That's about it. I am off to see Bharat, the Salman Khan movie. If I come out alive, I will write a review in tomorrow's letter. 

Over and out! 
Thank you for your time! 
With gratitude, 

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