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September 2022


Entering a Season of Learning


The end of summer and "back to school" season often feels like a reset of routine and a move to a bit more of a serious time. We can all use this time to reflect on our core values and how we live up to them, and learn (or unlearn) more about our communities and the people around us.

We are excited to announce our upcoming TiBA gathering: our first in person (or virtual) installment of TiBA Presents: Let's Learn & Act Together. Please see below for more details and to RSVP.

We also discuss the Aware2Act (un)Game, a fantastic source to learn about ourselves and those we play with, and Naper Settlement's current exhibit, Unvarnished: Housing Discrimination in the Northern and Western United States.


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Aware2Act and the (un)Game

Aware2Act aims to end discrimination and promote inclusion. Their mission: "We cultivate moments for deep listening and respectful conversations."

To that end, they have created the (un)Game, "a unique opportunity to engage in real-time, meaningful dialogue in any setting – home, work, school, groups and even for self reflection." During the (un)Game, you'll move around the board with your avatar Enso, landing on different squares that are designed to ignite conversation.

"Visit the Aware2Act (un)Game often. There is no finish line...this dialogue is ongoing, and always different. The content will be refreshed, updated and in the moment."

Learn more and schedule your own (un)Game Night!


Sundown Towns and the History of Naperville

A visitor reads through a display at the new exhibit, “Unvarnished: Housing Discrimination in the Northern and Western United States,” at Naper Settlement. The exhibit looks at the city's history of discrimination, some of which was codied by laws and policies. (Naperville Heritage Society)

Many people may be surprised to learn how prevalent outright racism and racist laws (de facto and de jure) were in the Northern and Western United States in the 19th and 20th centuries. In fact, when Illinois became a state in 1818, slavery had already existed in the territory for over a century, and continued in the salt mines in the far southern counties after statehood was established.

Illinois' Black Codes were put in place in 1819, including laws that denied Black people the right to vote or testify in court, required all Black people to have certificates of freedom, and banned all Black migration to Illinois. The Illinois Black Codes were officially repealed in 1865 due in large part to the work of John Jones, a Chicago tailor, ardent abolitionist, and first African American Cook County Commissioner.

And, after 1890, over 70% of Illinois towns and cities with more than 1,000 residents were Sundown Towns -- including Naperville, which was a Sundown Town for over 80 years. (According to, "Sundown Towns are all-white communities, neighborhoods, or counties that exclude Blacks and other minorities through the use of discriminatory laws, harassment, and threats or use of violence. The name derives from the posted and verbal warnings issued to Blacks that although they might be allowed to work or travel in a community during the daytime, they must leave by sundown.") 

Learn about all this and more at Naper Settlement's free online exhibit, Unvarnished: Housing Discrimination in the Northern and Western United States.

They also invite you to visit Naper Settlement’s onsite companion exhibit that examines Naperville’s Unvarnished history through October 28, 2022, in the Museum Visitor Center. (This exhibit is included in museum admission.) 

Pizza & Social Justice (one of our TiBA Presents sponsors) is planning a "field trip" to the Naper Settlement to view the Unvarnished exhibit. Several board members and friends are planning an informal visit on Saturday, September 3, meeting at the museum at 2pm. For details, contact Nancy McKee at 630-341-9334. 
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