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Love of Self Care

Self Care is also about understanding how the seasons affect the way you need care.
Winter Season is all about Kapha accumulation and Kapha is all about love and fuzzy feellings.

To begin your Self Care practice, first lets understand how Winter 
Season  affects the elements in your internal and external world.

Winter accumulates the elements Earth and Water. 
They stimulate a sense of safety, growth, nourishment, strength and repair. 
But what supports and transforms these elements in your body, is your metabolism, the element FIRE.

So as the temperature drops the body’s natural heating system raises, because the body must always keep a homeostatic temperature of 37 degrees.

The fire Element in the body governs your metabolic functions. The body transforms one matter into energy much quicker, so it can sustain its heat. Think about a fire pit... in order for the fire to keep burning you have to keep adding wood every couple of hours...

The metabolism is very similar, however, when it comes to adding wood, the quality of wood is also important. 

How do you know what quality of “ wood” for your body is right in the winter?


Perhaps not every culture can enjoy the Indian Thali’s but the idea is that your plate should include all 6 tastes to satisfy the balance of your elements and the nutrition for all 7 tissues 


Ayurveda recognizes 6 tastes. But when we talk about these tastes we don’t mean how they feel on our tongue. but rather how the body understands them. 

**Did you know eggs and meat are considered sweet tastes?

For that matter, all fat and proteins tend to be sweet in taste, heating and heavy in quality for the body.

Proteins and fat are builders of the body, and are made up of the earth and water element.

Remember not all proteins and fats are recommended and not at ALL times of Day.
Ayurveda reminds you that your biological clock is closely related to Earth’s clock and the movement of the Sun and the Moon.

So eat your heavy meals with the high sun but slow down with consumption after sunset. Your last meals of each day could be warm easily digestible soups.

**No wonder Winter promotes delicous pumpkin soups. They are sweet, heavy, heating and support your overall strength, endurance and nourishment.


Ritucharya in Ayurveda means Seasonal Routine. 

Each season introduces us to changes, adapting to particular qualities that interact with the natural imbalancing of certain elements.

February is the coldest month of Winter Season, in the Northern Hemispheres.

Winter season is called Hemant/Shishir, recognizing two winters Early and Late.

Late winter is distinctive to higher humidity, and therefore a slight dampening on the agni. But overall your agni (your metabolic functions) during the winter is at its highest, in order to keep the body at its homeostatic state.

So enjoy this season as it is the only time of year you can heavily indulge into plenty of good quality fats, proteins and vitamin C, such as nuts, meats, different lentils, ghee, coconut oil, avocados etc.


So besides eating and cozying up in love blankets, WInter is the great season for plenty of exercise and Massages.
Yes this is the season to indulge into high intensity exercises because the metabolism is already active, and ready to spare some heat out. 
But also this is the ideal season to indulge in Abyangam.- oil massages.

Warm sesame or mustard oil nourishes all seven tissues keeping your skin healthy, your bones strong and muscles stretched.
Although it is nice to give yourself a weekly spa treatment, this could get pricey quick, so why not indulge into a nice 5 minute daily Oil massage you give yourself, in practicing self love and appreciation of your physique through personal touch and presence.

Oh, and if you have that special someone.... Long steamy love making promotes proper health to overall mental physical and emotional health this winter. :) 

** get in to the mood? Foot rubs stimulate the Chi energy in the body too. 

If not nourished properly during this season, Vata aggrivation can rise, which results in lowered immunity and therefore frequent cold or flu.

Now you can pay attention why Winter  becomes the “sick” season. Not because it is cold, but because we are not taking care of the body’s needs properly  due to  lack of awareness of the properties of the season. 
Now you know. :)
Should Vata aggrivation rises, its gunas are, Dry Cold, Subtle, Active, Clear.
Applying extra care of keeping warm, oily, nourished and at peace, can reverse Vata aggrivation.

Stress is the main cause for vata aggrivation. so practice calmness, breath awareness, meditation or simple presence of being helps navigate out of stress overload. 



Valentines Day today boasts feelings of warmth, love, passion and it has been commercilized as such through Hallmark cards and sociatal expectations of what love looks like.

As history would show, this day did not come from a lovey-dovey story that progressed into what it is today.

This originally pagan holiday was born in the Roman Empire back in the 3rd century A.D as a devotion to 2 Martyrs named Valentine who were murdered by the emperor Claudius II

From Feb. 13 to 15, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. The men sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals they had just slain.

 The brutal fete included a matchmaking lottery, in which young men drew the names of women from a jar. The couple would then be, um, coupled up for the duration of the festival — or longer, if the match was right.

What a grueling way to celebrate a day? 

Not to worry, in today’s age this day is celebrated by the courtings of men and women with roses, chocolates, and candy. No whipping nor a game of roulette for your dating partner. :)

The uniqueness of this Valentines day is that it falls 2 days short of Snow Full Moon in Leo.

This cardinal energy invites you to reinvent your strengths, go after your passions with a Lionesque roar and let yourself flow in Love with it all.

February is a month full of energetic influences for expansion, manifestation and creation of long term goals.

Cosmically, we have some interesting alignments, such as the New Moon in Airy Aquarius arrives Feb 1st. It brings in the energy to seek mental detox, and allow your mind to stillness instead.

The Lunar New Year also greets us with the new moon, reminding us it’s time to declutter our lives and clean house, physically and spiritually.

May this metaphorical clutter clearing be also applied to the way we carry ourselves, attach to behaviors and thoughts we feed our minds.

Although you might find yourself in past reflections and a sense of going backwards, remember Mercury retrograde ends Feb 3rd.

Feel the Fresh New Energy flood your cleared physical, mental and emotional space for the rest of the February month. Especially on Feb 22nd when the multiples of 2’s echo in another powerful portal for intentions manifestation. 

The strong influence of Saturn during this period might bring up challenges to confront aspects of your life you are not taking responsibility of yet, but, this challenges influenced by Saturn bring about rewards too… so feel the blessings of this energetic synchronicity to grow and expand from the heart and beyond the mind, seeing things in a whole new way.

Let yourself Flow in your Truth. Consultations are now available for booking ! 

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