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April is For Spring Detox

Spring Navaratri
Melting Kapha, Detoxing the Liver
How to Eat Right For your Gut
Feminine Divine Awakening
Mother Earth Day
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Happy Spring and Happy April!
The Fire-y Arian Spring Season invites us for a transformation, a cleansing of all accumulated Kapha, and a time to put the fire in action.

Should you have been thinking about some body cleansing rituals and detoxes, Spring is the best time to do it, especially Liver Cleanses.

Have you heard of the ultimate liver cleanse, where you prepare your body for a week of removing consumption of all kinds of fats, while drinking a ton of apple cider vinegar, and then the last 3 days you consume epsom salt, olive oil and citrus juice, before this prompts you to a certain form of diarrhea? 

Well this is the ideal time of year to get into a detox like this.

Andreas Moritz wrote an entire book  titled The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse, detailing the protocol for proper cleansing of your Liver and Gallbladder.

Now from an Ayurvedic Perspective, to prepare for your detox remember to take good care of Vata. Aggravated Vata and detoxing can cause high stress on the body and nobody benefits from the already intense detoxing process.


How to take care of Vata?

  • Grounding practices, calming pranayama
  • Meditations,
  • Healing, nurturing foods of root vegetables and wholesome grains, made with love, 
  • Rest and Relax
  • Shirodhara/ Massage is welcome

When you are doing any kind of fast, detox or cleansing of body organs it is very important to focus on first balancing this Air element in the body.

 Should you decide to take on Andreas Moritz’s detailed Liver and gallbladder cleanse I invite you to take the time to read the entire book and understand what happens to the body during this process.
When choosing to do this detox, engage in deep introspection, meditation, grounding and nurturing practices, especially if you are a Vata predominant constitution .
Most importantly, be very aware of how you approach food one the other end of the detox… the first thing the liver receives after the flush better be kindness, love and compassion infused :)

Spring Navaratri April 2nd -11th

Spring Navratri begins April 2nd, following the New Moon, and with it a celebration of the feminine manifestations of the Divine Mother, Shakti goddesses. Nine days in celebration of the Sun infuenced by the different dieties that encompass Durga.

You are invited to a tune to these various manifestation in the nine days following the 3rd of April and meditate each day of the strengths and weaknesses within the feminine manifestation, to invoke these energies within you.

Envoking this Shakti from mother Divine we become one with our energy and power from where we are to create all life.

This auspicious week in Ayurveda is heavily guarded in terms of the overall health of your body mind and is a dedication to also cleanse and clear the body of blockages, toxins and all that can cause disease.

Mother Divine is pure energy. She is the creative force in nature. And your metabolism, known as Agni in Ayurveda is pure energy. Therefore,  worshiping & enlivening Mother Divine raises the Agni and helps your body clear all toxins and stagnations. In Ayurveda, Toxins in the blood, mind, organs that collect due to stagnations and weak agni are called Ama.

Therefore this Subtle way of raising the Agni thru Mother Divine celebration and worship, clears all Ama from the Body-mind.

“The Six Tastes we will do in this Navaratri because it is Ugadi ~ the start of the New Year. From the first day of Navaratri Spring begins, and all the new things will be growing. So the new tastes we can add in our diet. For this we take a special drink consisting of jaggery/sugar cane juice along with some mangoes, pink salt, black pepper, neem flower for bitter and Tamarind for astringent ~ a 6 Tastes drink which we offer to Mother Divine and drink. It signifies Rasa, the 6 Tastes in the daily diet which bring us balance & health. This is the time to eat light & reset our Agni (digestive fire) when the seasons are changing.”

~Vaidya Krishna Raju

The 6 tastes are one aspect of the Ayurvedic principles in understanding the nature of the human body and how the body interacts with the food you feed it .

The 6 tastes are not only that which is described based on what the tongue experiences, however it is really the language of the body and for the body. Together with the understanding of Gunas, the attributes of a substance and how it interacts with its environment inside the body or outside, Ayurveda fully undressed as how channel your ultimate health potential. It all starts with awareness and connection to substances, particularly food substances.


To know more and dive deeper into the understanding of Gunas and Tastes, please join the upcoming online workshop where we really break down the understanding of how the body interperests the substances you eat and how the mind responds in  return. 


Upcoming Workshops Online 

There is an incessant Universal Call at this time to really embrace the Feminine nature of Mother Earth and within each human on this planet.
Feminine is not to be confused with “Feminist”, as one is a divine nature, while the other is the fight to prove that divine nature should be recognized by its polarity. 

Divine Feminine does not need recognition by its polarity. It’s nature is cyclical, of creation, and highest virtue. It is inherent in both Men and Women, but repressed due to societal norms. The feminist movement fights in the realm of social norms, while Femininity is timeless and cannot fit in just one realm of consciousness.  Tapping into this divinity within is closely related to what makes a woman, and her unique physiology on this Earth. As she cycles through the stages of her Femininity, she transforms and morphs into the different aspects of Divinity. 

“Women’s menstrual cycles grant them the gift of knowing, and therefore, of guiding, society at large. When women realize the gifts of their menstrual cycle, the entire human race will shift to a more purposeful and healthier lifestyle which is in sync with Mother Earth’s cycles. Nobody else can give women this power; it is already inherent in every woman, waiting to be realized.” ~ Sinu Joseph

Last month the Stages of the Feminine Workshop spawned a new awareness in how as a woman  you observe yourself, 
Next month we will dive into the Astrological, Cosmological and even more Subtle Universal forces of how the stages of the Feminine play a role on a Collective conscious level. 

Feel free to Email with suggestions on what kind of workshops from the wide spectrum of Ayurveda you’d like to see soon?

NEW MOON 1st of April!

Time to reevaluate your relationship with your mind and body.

You are invited to go after what you want. Do not hesitate or procrastinate because you are the creator of the life of your dreams, and if you allow yourself to step in your way by re-living karmic wounds from past life rather than integrate and process them, you only recreate the pattern you have worked so hard in the past few months to undo. 

Remember to Express. Integrate, and Process your emotions in a non violent and productive way.

There is healing magic surrounding you at this time. Use it!


The Firey upcoming Arian energy this month is really about the abundant action of Starting a New, and DOING more than being. However, since we live in a constant state of needing to do due to social expectations I invite you to take time to also BE. Connect to the transformative aspects within yourself and your environment and let them be as they are. Taking the time to observe the fruits of your efforts is a ba beatiful journey of integration.

FULL MOON April 16/17th

This Pink Supermoon will enliven the sky with its opposite energies as the moon enters Scorpio.
Time to really put those dark thunders of your soul into the Firey light of the Arian warrior. 

This Full Moon is All about Transformation and Rebirth. 
A process us Females are very familiar with as we shift and shed every week of each month .

These opposing forces of Deep Cooling waters surfacing on the Bright Horizon of Fire invite us to meet our Masculine with our Feminine, clear the path to clarity and flow into Action toward creating a reality of our dreams.

EARTH DAY April 22nd
Invest in our Planet

This month also celebrates Earth day, another way to give thanks to the Divine Feminine from the Western awareness, as we dedicate ourselves to understand, protect, and nourish that which always protects, understands and nourishes us.

You are invited to connect to Mother Earth physically this day, either by spending the day with her in the garden, digging your hands into her soil as you plant, garden, or simply lay in a grassy park. 


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