January is Sharir Ritu

As we journey into 2022, I invite you to join me this week in cultivating Gratitude. 

*7 Eves of Gratitude ...
is about stepping in your awareness.
Following your Bliss.

Make time to sit in silence each Eve this week, contemplating the Elements through the 7 energy centers known as Chakras.
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Let Awareness Seep In as You Surrender to Life

This Edition features;
*Lifestyle Tips for January,
*Awareness of the Gunas,
*Moon Stories,

& The Gunas Principles

Ayurveda recognizes 6 Seasons.
January  rather- early January is considered Sharir Ritu, Early Winter.

The significance of early winter is the growing strength of the Agni, (Fire Element), and therefore your metabolism.

Winter is of Earth and Water element, and therefore a Kapha Accumulation.

Kapha's physiological functions in the body is to nourish, grow and repair body tissues, organs and bodily functions. Kapha in your body is your respiratory system, stomach, throat, nose, tongue mucous lining, and enzyme production. It is all of the liquids inside your body. No wonder then,  in Winter you often find yourself with a runny nose, mucous-y throat, and watery eyes.  It is the accumulation of Kapha ...

It is characterized by cold, heavy, dull, sticky, static qualities which are also the qualities of January.

Ways to remedy the natural imbalance that the season brings in the body, is by introducing qualities that are opposite of the season’s qualities. But the way you remedy this natural imbalance it is also dependent on your predominant constitution among other factors. 

For Example;
 Vata-predominant constitution would need to eat warm foods, dress warmly, avoid cold food and drinks, and stay out of cold weather. Otherwise they will fall prey to vata illnesses and discomforts, such as constipation, dryness,  insomnia, and lower back pain. 
Pitta individuals thrive in cold seasons, as their body is naturally stimulating high amounts of heat. For Pitta individuals, avoid too many spices, and fermented products as to not aggravate the stomach acids. 
Kapha Individuals, are prone to overaccumilate by consumption of too much sweet, salty, and sour tastes. So in the winter time, keep warm with bitter astringent and pungent tastes in cooked foods and drinks. Spices are welcome here, but also so is plenty of physical activity as to stir up the natural accumulation from the season and do opposite of what the natural proneness suggests.

In winter, avoid day sleeping, especially for those Kapha constitution. It slows down the metabolism and promotes sluggishness in the body and mind.

Understanding the Winter Imbalance 

Ayurveda suggests that all of life is a play of the elements. Thus understanding the physiological functions of the Elements in the body-mind in connection with the universal functions (such as seasons, sun/moon changes etc) one can then become aware of the natural imbalances from external environments and how to seek balance within.

Winter Season aggravates the Water and Earth Element.
These elements have associations with the qualities of coldness, wetness, north pole, stability, softness, 

In the body they translate into, sluggishness, heaviness, stiffness, stillness, sleepiness.
Naturally you tend to bundle up physically, to keep warm, experience dullness, stiffness and hibernation.

No Wonder Bears like to sleep through the Winter... they are in their full expression of Kapha Dosha :) 

***Contemplation point: Are Bears finding balance or accepting and surrendering to the natural imbalance?

Like increases Like

Ayurveda explains a simple principle in understanding the Gunas. Gunas can be defined as the qualities of a substance in the external environment, but most importantly the qualities a substance produces inside of the body.
'Like increases like' is about prolonging a certain state of being or situation. In the case of the Bear, the natural Kapha tendencies of fatigue, sleepiness, dullness, stillness  are being exaggerated during winter season. A bear tends to hibernate during the Winter Months. Which means bodily functions run on minimum.

Humans are not like bears. We naturally tend to shiver when we feel cold. The Act of Shivering is a form of movement to generate internal heat.Thus the opposite of action of the seasonal qualities is needed. The goal of the body is to regulate temperature. 
Some of the ways to keep your temperature in homeostatic state also happens to do with introducing the OPPOSITE Element to Earth and Water in the body... Air (movement) and
Fire (heat transformation)



Ayurveda suggests various pranayama methods.
They help with the maintenance and function of the circulatory movements and cultivation of vital energy. Remember, Kapha governs the Respiratory system, thus  heating breathwork disperses Kapha Accumulation and keeps your channels open.

Each Pranayama is done at least 10 minutes twice daily.
Each pranayama 's main focus is raising the Fire Element in your body, particularly in the respiratory and digestive system.

  • Kapalabhati = focuses on active/forceful exhalation through the nose (like when you blow your nose) and activating your core by rapidly pulling your navel inward against the spine. 
  • Bhastrika = bellow breath, focuses on both forced inhalation and exhalation. rapidly inhaling through the nose and rapidly exhaling by exaggerating the movement of your abdomen in and out accordingly 
  • Lions Breath utilizes the mouth as the organ of pulling all of the carbon dioxide out of your body through forced exhalation, exaggerating the movement of air in your esophagus ( like cleaning up the throat) 


Warm Cooked Meals
Soups made up of root vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots, potatoes... Eating healthy, whole foods cooked with love are naturally nourishing and promoting wellbeing. 
The Agni is high, so no need to stimulate it by adding too many spices... however,  Winter is also an accumulation of Kapha Qualities, so the occasional ginger tea breaks down the  accumulation.
Winter is the perfect time to gorge on nuts and seeds. Nuts have high fat and protein content that is nourishing, strengthening, for the endurance and growth of tissues. Having a healthy metabolism, allows these fats be burned and digested effectively.
Eating habits for Winter are also based on individual constitution. Vata individuals need grounding so nuts and seeds are most welcome, however Kapha individuals could benefit more from well balanced soups. 


Since the Agni is high, your body is burning pretty easily, thus it is important to let yourself stay active to keep up with the natural high acting fire.
Exercise such as weight bearing and strength building are welcomed. Ashtanga Yoga heating breath work and core workouts are best used during the winter.  
Sex is also recommended regularly during Winter as the Ojus (vital energy) is high :)


Be aware of the skin and respiration due to extreme temperature shifts of indoor and outdoor environments. Often you find yourself with cracked dry skin, coldness in the throat and nose, leading to colds and flus.

Skin should regularly be nourished, and properly moisturized according to your constitution.
Practice regular cleansing of nose, throat, and ears from mucous stagnancy, and regularly moisten your nose canals with the appropriate nourishing oils, such as ghee, sesame oil or coconut oil, based on your constitution.

Find Out More
On January 2nd, right at the beginning of the year 2022, we enter into universal new beginnings. With this potent Capricorn energy, we have the chance to create some serious order in our lives. It’s time to make some solid plans and to set the stage for reaping the rewards from our new beginnings, as little or big as they may be, in approximately two weeks’ time after the Full Moon occurs. One of Capricorn’s “lessons” is acceptance of the concept that reasonable boundaries and rules actually do offer us freedom–freedom from worry and chaos, for example. Setting goals for ourselves allows us to focus on what really matters.

RITUAL: in the Eve of the New Moon, clear a space of sacredness at your home. Keep a pen and paper beside you.
Sit quietly in meditation, and allow yourself to harness the wind of your breath in and out. Contemplate the principle of creation.
Once you are ready, open your eyes, and jot down the first 3 concepts of creation that come to mind. May this be the stage upon you build, the soil in which you seed your manifestations to come with the Full Moon.
** Reference the first two days of contemplation via IG:@unearththis
On January 17th, the first Full Moon of 2022 greets us.
This Cancer Full Moon invites the sensitive and loyal water sign in the threshold of the material grounding energy of Capricorn. These two strengths represent much of the Kapha characteristics, seeking stability, inviting love and warmth in all of your accomplishments, intentions and desires. Reminding you to honor your own soul's needs and let go of al that is not in line with your true nature.

RITUAL:  should you be one of the lucky ones to experience the full moon in its glorious light, with no clouds blocking its luminescence, you can create an inviting ritual by placing a silver bowl of water in the Moonlight. Let the Moon reflect inside the bowl as you sit crosslegged.
Should you have any smudge sticks, invite their fragrance now.
Bring your notes from the New Moon Ritual, and repeat the following phrase 3x
"I now reap what I have sown, and let the moon illuminate the path to my soul's truth...(include each creation from new moon's contemplations) "
So mote It Be!

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