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Feminine Cycle.

Your mood swings are not something that you should hide, frown upon, or feel shame for.

Your mood swings are your greatest power in fact. They are deeply connected to the natural changes of each Moon Cycle a woman experiences.

More in tune you become with your cycle, less “moody” you will be as you accept the changes and embrace the process of your divinity. As a woman every month we prepare to bring life on this Earth, and each time this doesn’t happen, the psyche, emotionally and mentally goes through a detox process that through the years has been hushed under a rug in an attempt to make women be more like Men…

Ladies! We are not Men, even though we can do just about everything Men can. We are intuitive, divine forces, creators of all that is manifest. And it all begins with our Moon Cycle!!!

You are in fact three personalities for each 10 days in a month as you move through the stages of change, like the moon, we wax and we wane, we rise and we set, we are full and we are new.

These are not “moods” they are part of a deep change that occurs cyclically.

Embrace your connection to this magic!

Ayurveda treats the Menstrual Cycle as sacred, and celebrates the feminine  with respect and honor, especially the stage of bleeding.

Every month you undergo a deep natural detox, and during this time you should give yourself patience, love and compassion, as well as rest and  simply be with yourself.

Are you seeking for a deeper connection with your moon, where you tap into the power of each stage in your 28 day cycle, understand your hormonal waves and embrace the changes of the moon?

You are invited to an online workshop on March 23 where we discuss The Stages of the Feminine Cycle, and how to hone the feminine divine creativity within. Through the Ayurvedic principles I will teach you how to establish hormonal balance, and cultivate inner freedom.


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New Moon:

Ahh March Moon News are a bit intense, and the Cosmological alignments invite for the proverbial Spring Cleaning. When you step in the deep dark depths of your closet or basement to begin your deep cleaning, use this metaphor 

The March New Moon welcomes Pisces energy into our field, and Piesces governed by the water element gives us gentle guidance to sit with our darkness, and allow emotions to express. New Moons promote the dark sky, and darkness has always been associated with feminine energy, and water, so it is time to see within and embrace your full potential.

It is in the darkness that we often feel safe enough to become our true selves and where our deepest emotions are often set free.

You are invited to participate in a self care ritual for the New Moon, that brings attention to the feet. Feet are powerful portals of our energy as they connect us to earth, are holding the frequency of all our bodily organs, and are also the exit points of energy.

So, foot scrubs and foot massages such as Reflexology are your best friends this month.


Your at Home Foot Scrub.

  • Set an intention as you prepare your footbath.

  • Combine a carrier oil such as Coconut or Almond Oil with Sea Salts +Epsom Salts, Lavender, Fresh Jasmine flowers, and Teatree Essential oil. 

  • Keep a journal nearby, and while you let your feet soak in this cleansing detoxing mix, observe the entire body melt into relaxation and release tensions. 

  • Journal your seeds you wish to plant with the birth of this New Pisces moon, your intentions as you face your Shadows in order to find forgiveness, love, greater compassion, and to confront all that needs to be cleared.


Full Moon 

This CROW Full Moon in March occurs just a couple of days of Spring Equinox inviting a whirling of energy charge and shifts.

It is my personal favorite as it references the Crow, a time when these Black Birds roam the sky and reminds us to look within, guide us to our deepest spiritual connection within.


This Full Moon in Virgo invites us into Spring, acting as the soft opening to the Spring Equinox on March 20th. 


So as we shift our lifestyle with the seasonal change, lets also shift our vibrational frequency and raise up into the expansiveness of our divine light.




Kapha Aggravation and Spring Allergies

Spring season is Kapha Aggravation

Each season teaches us lessons of how to best reach our highest truth.

With each season certain changes come to be and if we are not ready and attuned to its prompts, we lead a life against the grain, of obstacles and suffering.

Ayurveda opens up the door to simple understanding how nature affects the seasons and your body/mind.


Spring Intentions and Lifestyle

Spring in Ayurveda is Vasant Ritu.

it is the season that aggravates Kapha, meaning after all that winter kapha accumulation, the change of temperature begins to aggrivate it, so why spring allergies are frequent.

On top of this, naturally as the temperature rises, your metabolism slows down… 

** remember, the body needs to keep a homeostatic state of heat for proper organ functioning, so as the outside temperature rises, the internal temperature might need to drop and this is the effect of your agni, and your metabolism.

In Spring season your metabolism works 25% less than in winter, which is why your diet needs a bit of a shift, otherwise indigestion may occur and block the channels. 


Your diet for Spring should focus on reducing Kapha (earth and water element)

Therefore Spring time is ideal for any full body detox therapies. Honey is the best Kapha reducing agent as it is dry and heating in nature.
Salads and Leafy Greens are welcome in this season. 

If you are going to pick a grain, Barley is best for reducing Kapha, as well as curbing metabolic disorders.
~ Just before you get excited on chugging cold drinks, remember, cold prompts the inner fire to turn up, so it actually creates the opposite of the “logical” effect you wish for. Cold water aggravates your mucous lining as well, and the body to protect itself creates more mucus, which leads to Kapha aggravation.


Spring is heating and oily season. Which is ideal for cultivating seeds…

The gunas of your diet however should be the opposite of the season.

Enjoying foods that are light and dry in nature, and Vata accumulating. 

Vata and Kapha are fully opposite of eachother, so what you want to accomplish is raise Vata to release Kapha out of your system.


A few daily practices are recommended for spring, such as daily Nasyam, which is a nose cleansing technique.

Avoid Day sleep in Spring 

And if you enjoy spending time at the spa, remember these two spa treatments,

Dry Heat Sauna and Dry brushing or Ayurvedic Dry Powder Massage!

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