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Everywhere you go these days, you hear about the big promises of 5G…

CNN says 5G will be “the lifeblood of the new economy”

And The Wall Street Journal declares its impact will be “felt around the world.”

But before you buy into the 5G hype, there’s something you should know…

This breakthrough new tech could be a “5G Killer”…

Making 5G obsolete before it starts…

And it could all begin with a shocking announcement expected on June 22nd.

Be sure to get the full story before then.

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Matt Insley
Publisher, St. Paul Research

P.S. I know everyone is touting 5G as the next big thing… But if it turns out to be a bust – as this presentation explains – trust me…

You do NOT want to be on the wrong side of this story…

5G stocks could go down to $0, and anyone holding them could get burned.

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