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Dear Reader,

I suspect most Americans missed this big announcement…

It could cause three artificial intelligence stocks to double or triple in the very near future.

These are the first “AI stocks” I’d recommend to anyone today.

You see, 2020 is the year that “intelligent” machines jump from science fiction into your everyday life.

(No wonder billionaire Mark Cuban says “the first trillionaires” will come from this technology.)

Early investors already had the chance to make 737% in just over a month!

Of course, gains like that are rare…

But I believe AI is going to be the most important trend of my lifetime.

That’s why companies like Google and Amazon are investing billions in it…

And why government agencies like the Department of Defense are reviewing 592 different AI projects.

Three companies are far ahead of the rest. (One of them already has an 80% market share in a key component!)

Right now, you can get into all three stocks for around $226…

I urge you to grab a few shares before Wall Street catches on…

If you're interested, I’ll give you the details right here.


Jeff Brown
Editor, The Near Future Report

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