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November 3, 2019
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As the ups and downs continue and cracks in the economy are exposed, one asset continues to soar despite the carnage...

Of course, we're talking about gold. 

So far in 2019, gold's gains have beaten every major investment class. 

And widely-followed hard-asset expert Bill Shaw expects the world's most popular safe-haven asset to soar in the weeks ahead.

That's why he's put together a free video to show you how high he expects gold to soar... plus the top three ways to play the yellow metal, including ONE play he calls his "Number One Gold Investment for 2019.

When you watch Bill's video, make sure you have a pen and paper handy. Because just a few minutes in, he reveals the names and ticker symbols of two firms that have made incredible gains using a virtually-unknown strategy with less risk and higher upside than more conventional gold investments.
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Are You Making These 3 Money Mistakes?

If you’re not all set for the retirement of your dreams…

It’s not because you’re bad with money… It’s not because you haven’t saved enough… And it’s not because the market has been volatile.

It’s because you’re probably making these 3 critical money mistakes.

And if you don’t fix that now…

There’s a very high chance you’ll run out of money in retirement, and struggle to make ends meet.

Sorry, but that’s just the reality.
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 Other News & Research 
This is completely different from anything we’ve ever sent you before…

It involves a new trading system developed by a former member of the Chicago Board of Trade… a rocket scientist… and a software engineer with aerospace giant Northrop Grumman. Join us on Wednesday, November 13, at 8 pm ET to discover how this little-known system can help you see the chance for $12,000 a month from the market – without buying a single stock...
Exclusive “WEED-tirement” Plan: Next payout coming January 10th

A small group of over 13,000 Americans are using a special strategy to collect payouts as high as $1,529.07 per month! It’s NOT some risky penny stock or an option investing strategy. In fact, it’s THE safest way to get your money into the pot industry. Click here for the full details...
If you want to have the chance to make profits FASTER than you'd ever believe...

Then forget the stock market... forget the options market... forget the real estate market... and see how to invest in the PRE-IPO market starting with as little as $50...
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