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When the Fed cranks up the printing presses, devalues the dollar, and manipulates monetary policy… which investment shoots up?

When unemployment soars, wages stagnate, manufacturing output drops, and our country’s GDP craters… where do investors turn?

When civil unrest, market chaos and political uncertainty rule the day… what provides both protection and a shot at outsized gains at the same time?

The answer, of course, is… gold.

Right now, these events and a number of other powerful forces, have created a once-in-a-lifetime profit opportunity.

But time is of the essence.

Which is why I urge you to watch this

I will pull back the curtain and show you how minor jumps in gold’s price could make you as much as 1,000%.

It’s all due to my little-known “Gold X” indicator… which… lets investors like you and I know when these small spikes are about to happen.

Bottom line: You don’t want to miss out on this event.

Because I’m not the only one who sees gold skyrocketing in the weeks to come.

Some of the top investors in the world are going “all-in” on gold now.

Billionaire investor, Thomas Kaplan, says: “I do believe gold embarks on the next leg of its bull market and goes past $1,900 and ultimately goes to $3,000 to $5,000, if not a lot higher...”

World famous investor, Jim Rogers, agrees that “Gold will be the great investment over the next decade.”

And billionaire investor, Paul Tudor Jones, said: “I have never been a gold bug, it is just an asset that, like everything else in life, has its time and place. And that time is now.”

If you want to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime profit opportunity watch this…

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Sean Brodrick
Editor at Wealth Megatrends

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