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Dear Reader,

I'm about to shred and burn my social security card.

This flimsy card isn’t even laminated.

It doesn't protect my information from a spilled drink, let alone criminals trying to steal my identity.

This card - that's been issued to citizens like me since November 1936 - is about to be obsolete.

Because something much better is on the horizon. And it's going to open up a $6 trillion potential market.

I call it "ID Coin."

And this technology is about to roll out to 1.1 billion people starting this year.

It will make it virtually impossible to steal my social security number - or anyone else's.

This opportunity is a sleeping giant. It hasn't reached the press or the desks at Wall Street... yet, at least.

Which is one reason it could actually be a BIGGER financial opportunity than bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple COMBINED.

I don't want you to miss this - a rare shot at a potential 500% gain from the most innovative tech that's going to save people and corporations trillions of dollars. Follow this link to the full story. And remember: By the time the government announces this, it will be too late.


Sean Carroll
Managing Director, Stansberry Research

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