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Coronavirus: The story nobody’s talking about

Dear Reader,
The mainstream media has put the world in full-on panic mode.
Around the world, people are canceling trips…
Closing the doors to schools and businesses…
And clearing out store shelves.
But there’s a story the media isn’t telling you.

One company is racing to develop the first vaccine for the Coronavirus.
They’re accelerating their own timeline for development, and the CEO just met with President Trump last week about securing additional funding.
Here’s a picture of him at the meeting…
My research shows that this will likely be the company that comes out on top.
And if this company is able to finally put an end to the global panic of the Coronavirus.
It could send their shares soaring.
And today, you can grab shares for less than $20.
This information is so vital, I had to get this message out to you right away…
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To a bright future,
Ray Blanco
Editor, St. Paul Research
P.S. I was able to secure a private call with the CEO of this company just last week, and what he revealed was truly remarkable. Click here for all the details.

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