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November 22, 2020
Editor's Note: Here at CannaReads, we scan through the very best investment opportunities every week. See below for our bestselling ideas, some of which won't be available for much longer.
Our Favorite Gold Play…

Gold set a new record recently.. surging past $2,000/oz. for the first time ever.

Everything is now in place for a historic new gold bull market...

  • Fears around the pandemic are still rampant...
  • The Fed is expanding our balance sheet more and faster than ever...
  • And sentiment is finally turning bullish – both on Wall Street and among the average investor.

Bottom-line: It's time to get into gold.

Now, to help you navigate the absolute best way to play it, a renowned hard-asset expert—who's followed by tens of thousands of "gold bugs" around the world—is stepping forward with his  #1 way to play gold right now...

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Uncle Warren’s got a big secret…

In a private, back-room deal, Buffett purchased 700 million shares of an obscure type of private investment.

He later sold them for $12 billion.

But what are these private investments that have paid Buffett billions?

Hint: They’re NOT private placements, pre-IPOs, options, or any other private investing technique you’ve likely heard of before.

And thanks to a loophole in SEC Rule 30.52, you can play them right from your own brokerage account.

In fact, it costs just 19¢ to get in.

View this super-profitable technique right here
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