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February 9, 2020
Editor's Note: Here at CannaReads, we scan through the very best investment opportunities every week. See below for our bestselling ideas, some of which won't be available for much longer.
Take a look at these 7 charts...

They are all pointing to a “Black Swan.”

It could be an incredible melt-up.

It could be a dreadful crash.

On Thursday, February 20th, at 8 pm ET, trading legend Andy Krieger...

Will show YOU how to profit from it with one big trade...

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A top anchor from Fox News just exposed the most surprising political scandal of the decade.

Fair warning: It may upset you.

But when you understand what these DC insiders are up to… it could also help you make a fortune in the months ahead.

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 Other News & Research 
5G will explode on February 24

Mark your calendars now. 5G will explode on February 24. On that day, according to our friends at the Oxford Club, the largest 5G spectrum auction in American history is expected to take place. The economic impact of 5G cannot be overstated. And one company holds the cornerstone technology that will help make all of this possible...
If You Use Apps, a Smartphone or Online Banking…

You’d better read this. Because, says world-famous futurist George Gilder, we’re headed for a stunning $16.8 trillion reboot that could radically transform the way you get paid, the way you save and — maybe most of all — the way you invest for retirement. What you’ll see could change our way of life, the way microchips did. The way the internet did. The way smartphones have. And, says George, it could make you exceedingly rich — click here to see why...
How the Dot-Com Revolution Can Inform the Next Rise Up in Cryptos

Teeka Tiwari has seen gains as high as 151,323% during the 2017 Crypto Boom. And studied the downfalls of the 2018 Crypto Bust. When even Bitcoin dropped as much as 83%. Those countless experiences have helped him produce a simple, 14-part crypto training course. Available to anyone who wants to claim it… For free. Click here to see how...
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