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The American economy is about to go through a projected $1.4 trillion transformation over the next couple years...

All thanks to the shift to 5G that's been years in the making.

It's finally hitting the mainstream this year thanks to some of the largest, most profitable corporations in America.

And as this new technology makes its way across the country...

It's going to change every aspect of our day-to-day lives. The way we work... learn... socialize... communicate... and entertain ourselves....

Every industry - and every company - will be impacted.

But the truth is, it's too late to invest directly in 5G. That ship has sailed.

Instead, I've uncovered 20 tiny companies that belong to entirely different sectors of the market...

Yet, thanks to this new technological shift, each could see 1,000% gains within eight months.

I'm going to break it all down for you here.

I'll tell you how 5G is going to change the American landscape...

Why this "backdoor" route is anyone's best bet to exploit 5G...

And how it could help these 20 stocks turn $1,000 each into a $250,000 windfall by the end of 2021.

See you there,

Michael Robinson
Director of Technology Investing, Money Map Press
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