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October 27, 2019
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Daymond John here.

And let me first start off by saying that I have the event of the year planned for you on October 29th at 8PM ET.

I recently was on the lookout for a trading strategy that any trader, no matter their experience, could apply instantly and reap the rewards that the stock market has to offer.

So when I searched high and dry for someone that had a proven track record and has changed the lives of thousands, I looked no further than Jason Bond.

What really caught my eye was a new strategy he made available to the public just months ago... A strategy he had been perfecting for years.

And well, immediately upon launching it, this went viral!

You can see why I just had to invite him down to NY and put on an event for you.

We dive into this completely, and you can have a front row seat.
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[Urgent] Federally Legal Pot In These Ten States… 

Former hedge fund manager and Wall Street insider Teeka Tiwari just got big news from an investigative reporter with special access to the White House.

“If what I just heard is true — and it’s since been covered by 21 reputable sources, including insiders at Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and Fortune…

Then a brand-new batch of pot stock millionaires will be made in the coming weeks. And, with one simple move, you can be one of them.”
Get the full details on Teeka's discovery.

 Other News & Research 
Investing In 5G Is For Amateurs… The Real Money’s In Investing In 5G’s “Rich Sister” Worth $23 Trillion

Personally affecting your next doctor visit, your utility bills, your car, your grocery store, your bank, and even your toothbrush! Big Market Research suggests this industry could grow 156 times over between now and 2025. That’s enough to make a fortune — potentially millions if you’re in before Wall Street’s “buy-in signal” on December 10th, 2019...
Exclusive “WEED-tirement” Plan: Next Payout Coming January 10th

A small group of over 13,000 Americans are using a special strategy to collect payouts as high as $1,529.07 per month! It’s NOT some risky penny stock or an option investing strategy. In fact, it’s THE safest way to get your money into the pot industry. Click here for the full details...
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So how do you find pot stock opportunities BEFORE they explode? And, more importantly, how can you start making massive gains in your own brokerage account… starting with as little as $100? This complete beginners’ guide will show you everything you need to know. Click here to see how to claim your FREE pot stock guide...
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