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April 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to this, the newsletter for the Hostess City Aviators, Inc. Here's a sample of the latest news. The Blog Posts on the website will always have the most up to date information.
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Social Engagement

Keeping up with the latest instafacetweet thingamabobs

Conor D. volunteered to manage our Instagram page of photos. Instagram is a very popular platform for aviation bloggers, reporters and pilots. Follow Us @hostess_city_aviators or at This Link.

Thanks, Conor!

Fixing the Rolling Tendency

Time well spent at Savannah Aviation

Last week we grounded N4405T for maintance - adjusting the rigging to account for an annoying left rolling tendency. Well, I'm happy to announce that we found the issue and then some.

See the Blog Post for more.

Try a Cost Effective Headset From KORE

The KORE Aviation P1

The owner of KORE Aviation was kind enough to send me a free replacement for a failing headset I spoke to him about. It's a great low budget headset for anyone but, ideal for students and passengers - I actually did my entire initial training with the P1's and they worked great.
I'm also happy to announce that we're finishing an agreement with KORE to provide discounts for our club members - this is my way of saying thank you to KORE for their support. If you'd like to try out the headset or borrow one for a flight with PAX, please let me know.

Conor enjoys sunset over the Savannah in N4405T. The Sentry from ForeFlight is also visible in this view.

Safety Corner: Radio Woes

How will you handle a malfunctioning com?

No radio? No problem for many pilots who routinely fly older airplanes that have never had one. But what if flying with a radio is all you’ve ever known? Here’s how to diagnose and handle a malfunctioning radio, both on the ground and in the air.

Read the Post by AOPA Here

Airport Badges

Jawanza is now an AOA Signatory at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport for the Hostess City Aviators, Inc.
Members with an existing AOA badge (via Signature or otherwise) are not required to file for a new HCA AOA badge. If you require airport access badge, please contact
Face-off with Ted & Evan's Bonanza. Our neighbors are Enthusiast level members.

Club Roster

See a list of club members and their positions below. -AV (6) and -EN indicates Aviator and Enthusiast status respectively.
  • Jawanza B. - AV, President
  • Peter R. - EN
  • Tom H. - EN, Director
  • Dan P. - AV, MX Officer
  • Conor D. - EN
  • Jason K - AV, CFI, A&P
  • Tim G. - AV, CFII
  • Gene Y. - AV, A&P
  • Jack S. - AV
  • Karl B. - EN
  • Ed W. - EN
  • Gary A. - EN
  • Ted M. - EN, CFI
  • T.J L. - EN
  • Paul R. - EN
  • Libin D. - EN
We expect to show the airplane to two additional Aviators namely:
  • Troy F.
  • Keith G.
Join as an Enthusiast to gain access to our schedule, share flights with Aviators, access special deals and more. Enthusiast memberships are free! Applications on the website.

Current Airplane Owner? Join as an Enthusiast and we'll send you a sticker, t-shirt, and display your airplane on our website. We'll attend Fly-Ins as a club and you may share some of our resources and expertise. Your airplane will NOT be shared/leased to the club but, you may offer to share rides with other members to educate and inspire (and potentially split costs). Want to lease or sell? Send us an email.

Any member may nominate a new member. Aviators must be of good character and agree to the by-laws and operations of the Hostess City Aviators, Inc. We will cap Aviator membership to 10 pilots initially (4 spots available at the time this newsletter was written), with a max of 15 allowed by our insurance policy.
Apply to be a Member
An aesthetic refresh? We've been working on something. Contact Jawanza for more.

Aviator Operations Notes

  1. Times: 4405T flew 19.6 Hobbs or 15.19 Tach hours in the month of March. Keep her flying!
  2. "Your Airplane": Keep the attitude of 4405T being your airplane alive.
    1. EVERY FLIGHT (local, XC, MX, ground ops only...) MUST be reserved in Flight Circle, Dispatched when you arrive at the airport (check squawks and MX reminders) and Checked-In when the airplane is returned.
    2. Clean the airplane from bug build-up before walking away. This will keep them from eating through the paint.
    3. Most windscreen microfiber cloths dirty? Take them, wash and return the next day.
    4. Carpet dirty? Bring your handheld vacuum along for the ride.
    5. Airplane covered in pollen? Help me organize a wash and wax day.
    6. Ensure the pitot cover is installed tightly before you walk away. Pull on the elastic cord while fastening the velcro to ensure a tight fit. We now have cowling plugs that should be installed after each flight.
    7. I was told verbally by Signature reps that with a KSAV car sticker and proper AOA driving permissions, we're welcome to park a vehicle in place of the airplane when taking trips. I'm trying to get this in writing but I haven't gotten in trouble for it, yet.
    8. Look back as you walk away and remind yourself "hey self, that's my airplane!"
  3. Supply Box: I placed a low profile, plastic bin in the luggage compartment with basic cleaning supplies, oil and other loose and easy to lose items.
    1. There's window cleaning spray and microfiber towels - if we're running low on clean towels just grab the dirty ones and wash them.
    2. Shop rags/paper towels for oil and fuel spills - they're a little to rough to use on the windows.
    3. If we're running low on something, send HCA an email, consider replacing affordable consumable items yourself (we're all sharing here) or ask the Signature FBO desk for assistance.
  4. Oil: The airplane will burn some amount of oil in operation and, pilots will sometimes have to add small amounts before a flight. Small quantities of oil should be in the airplane's supply box. We still ask that each pilot purchase and carry at least two quarts of Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil 20w-50 Engine Oil in case club supplies are low and help keeping costs down. Replenish to keep the oil level between 6 - 8 quarts.
  5. Fuel: The airplane is to be returned fueled at least to tabs. If unable, please leave a note when you check-in the airplane OR ask signature to fill it to tabs (this will require you to have a card on file with signature or give them a credit card at that time). We recommend the self serve pump located on taxiway GA1. At last use, we saw 100LL @ $5.97/gal. A short stop at smaller surrounding airports is also a great option.
  6. Maintenance: (MX Officer Dan and club A&P Gene) are very familiar with the airplane and are the keepers of the logbooks. Squawks should be entered and tracked in Flight Circle - this is important. This makes the MX team aware. If you must log something in the logbooks (Pilot MX, VOR Checks...). Contact us and we'll get it done.
  7. Training: Flight training for currency or additional ratings is OKAY and highly encouraged. We do ask that you have your outside instructor fill out a membership application as an Enthusiast and return it to so we can add them to Flight Circle for better year end metrics (you should then select them as an instructor when going on a training flight). Club CFI may offer introductory flights and a few initial training flights to a student pilot - use your discretion and talk to Jawanza if in doubt. You may not accept payment for use of the airplane in this case. We can accept student pilots to train under a club CFI - preferably close friends and family members. This will require an Aviator membership. No commercial operations please.
  8. Shared Documents: We've shared digital copies of club documents (AFM, W&B, Insurance, Logos, Incorporation Paperwork, A etc...) via Google Drive. Contact if you do no have access. Logbooks are with the MX Team.
Please remember why we exist - to share our passion and advocate for general aviation in a safe, cost effective way. This attitude is crucial to our success as a club - one being unofficially modeled to show local industries that employee lead flying clubs are worthy of their support (moral, financial, real estate, fuel, etc...). We will benefit greatly if we conduct our business appropriately.

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Thanks for reading!

Jawanza Bassue - President
Hostess City Aviators, Inc.
Savannah - GA

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