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May 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to this, the newsletter for the Hostess City Aviators, Inc. Here's a sample of the latest news. The Blog Posts on the website will always have the most up to date information.
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Staying Busy

Despite being at Savannah Aviation for a short time in early April for the LABCAB repair, we managed to fly the airplane 18.3/14.67 safe Hobbs/Tach hrs last month - excellent!

Bloomin' Fly-In at KMHP

How are your METAR reading skills? Try this from KSAV at my departure time:  23017G26KT SCT040 BKN050 PK WND 22026. Just a sample of the METAR encountered the weekend of 4/20/2019 in N4405T on her way to the fantastic Bloomin' Fly-In at KMHP, Metter, GA. Read the entire blog post on our website.

Statesboro Airport Day

Just down the road (airway?) in April was the Statesboro (KTBR) Airport Day. Conor and I took N4405T, entered a very busy, uncontrolled pattern, saw Jack, John, Jackson and Gene, ate some food, caught up with friends...a packed day to say the least. A dedicated blog post is coming for this trip but for now, here’s a teaser photo!

Recent Maintenance Activity


N4405T continues to perform well - no surprises there. The MX Team recently completed a 50 hr oil change, installed a stall warning buzzer, replaced the left tire and started diagnosing the VOR accuracy discrepancy. The EGT Gauge squawk has been diagnosed and will be repaired in the coming week - replacement EGT probe is on the way. Great job everyone on cleaning the windshield, spinner, cowling and leading edges after flights - I have noticed the difference in the cleanliness of the airplane and we all certainly appreciate it. Keep those squawks coming when necessary. Within your legal personal abilities, (Pilot, A&P...) feel free to assist with MX and squawks. Contact to coordinate efforts with our MX Team (Dan & Gene).
We have an agreement with KORE that provides a 10% discount for our club members and a 5% commission for the club. Use This Link to receive the discount on your next KORE purchase:
Some of our members have their own airplanes: Here’s Jack’s stunning Kitfox at the Statesboro Airport Day.

Safety Corner: Airport Watch

Lock Up - Secure Your Airplane

“Security begins with your own aircraft. Crime usually happens because of opportunity, while terrorism is generally pre-planned and choreographed. Don't ever make it easy for either. Similar actions can be taken to avoid both crime and terrorism. Always secure your aircraft. Most pilots do this by locking the aircraft's doors, regardless of whether the aircraft is hangared or tied down outside.” - Read more on the AOPA website.

Read the Post by AOPA Here

Airport Badges

Jawanza is an AOA Signatory at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport for the Hostess City Aviators, Inc.
Members with an existing AOA badge (via Signature or otherwise) are not required to file for a new HCA AOA badge. If you require airport access badge, please contact
Conor & Jawanza at the recent Statesboro Airport Day

Club Roster

See a list of club members and their positions below. -AV and -EN indicates Aviator and Enthusiast status respectively.
  • Jawanza B. - AV, President
  • Peter R. - EN
  • Tom H. - EN, Director
  • Dan P. - AV, MX Officer
  • Conor D. - EN
  • Jason K - AV, CFI, A&P
  • Tim G. - AV, CFII
  • Gene Y. - AV, A&P
  • Jack S. - AV
  • Karl B. - EN
  • Ed W. - EN
  • Gary A. - EN
  • Ted M. - EN, CFI
  • T.J L. - EN
  • Paul R. - EN
  • Libin D. - EN
  • Jaclyn V. - EN/AV*
  • Eric L. -EN/AV*
  • Keith G. - EN
  • Troy F. - EN
Join as an Enthusiast to gain access to our schedule, share flights with Aviators, access special deals and more. Enthusiast memberships are free! Applications on the website.

Current Airplane Owner? Join as an Enthusiast and we'll send you a sticker, t-shirt, and display your airplane on our website. We'll attend Fly-Ins as a club and you may share some of our resources and expertise. Your airplane will NOT be shared/leased to the club but, you may offer to share rides with other members to educate and inspire (and potentially split costs). Want to lease or sell? Send us an email.

Any member may nominate a new member. Aviators must be of good character and agree to the by-laws and operations of the Hostess City Aviators, Inc. We will cap Aviator membership to 10 pilots initially (4 spots available at the time this newsletter was written), with a max of 15 allowed by our insurance policy.
Apply to be a Member
Gene’s Lazair at the Statesboro Airport Day - Must be an amazing ride!

Aviator Notes

  • Your Wife's HOT! And Dan P. has a clever, lightweight in-airplane A/C system that requires us to remove one (1) of the back seats. Unless there are objections, we'll give it a try.
    • Until we have a better storage system at the shade port (like a lock box), contact if you need the seat re-installed.
  • Does anyone have an extra sun shade or would like to donate one? Like an automotive windshield reflector? It'll help to keep the cabin cooler this summer. 
  • After scheduled MX activity, remember to use Flight Circle to Dispatch AND Check-In the maintenance period to update the Hobbs & Tach Times and leave any relevant notes. The Dispatch and Check-In actions are the same for going on a flight.
  • Our favorite Love Bugs (and I'm not talking about Gene and his wife) are out there in force - let's close all the air vents, plug the cowl and wipe down bug splatter after flights.
    • The spray used for the windshield is paint safe. I typically run a cloth down the leading edge, cowl and spinner. No clean cloths? - Take the dirty ones home, run 'em through a wash and dry cycle, return to airplane.
  • Reach out to an Enthusiast and share a flight - helps your pocket and helps them learn. Of course only CFIs can instruct but any PIC can share (within the limits of the CFRs).
  • Take photos, send me short blurbs for blog posts and help me promote what we have. I can't promote us as the best new flight club in the area (along with the perks that might come with that) if I can't reasonably show what we're doing to better the state of G.A. in GA. Possible well wishing investors and airplane lessors are looking.
  • Jaclyn & Eric are interested in joining as Aviators. They're both looking for a way to fly more locally.
  • Stay hydrated as you fly this summer - happy pilot, happy flight, happy life...
  • Send me your ideas for cost savings.
    • Owning an airplane isn't cheap but you already knew that hence, we share. Submit your ideas for how we can cut costs without impacting our stellar MX practices.
  • Call the Signature FBO to get help with the tie-down or refueling after flights - ensure they have your personal payment method on file for refueling. I've heard that base customers (us) get truck refueling pricing close to the self-serve rate.
  • Email me if you've got something to add to the newsletters. Garage sales? Fly ins? Safety Tips? Best burger you've ever had?
As always, thanks for all you do and let us know if there's anything we can do to keep you flying.
Please remember why we exist - to share our passion and advocate for general aviation in a safe, cost effective way. This attitude is crucial to our success as a club - one being unofficially modeled to show local industries that employee lead flying clubs are worthy of their support (moral, financial, real estate, fuel, etc...). We will benefit greatly if we conduct our business appropriately.

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Thanks for reading!

Jawanza Bassue - President
Hostess City Aviators, Inc.
Savannah - GA

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