Ahh, I'm nervous writing this one. I can feel adrenaline kicking in.

I want to get it right, because I feel there are many who could do with finding their way right now. But I also have to admit something first. (And it does feel like an admission.)

I feel great.

Gah... There's so much indescribable hardship in the world right now, that it feels inappropriate to say that. My heart still hurts every time I read the news or see an ambulance or go for a run and have to swerve to stay 2 meters away from a child.

But the sun is shining. It's warm like the summer. Flowers are everywhere. And I have remembered my purpose and feel excited about work again. After nearly two months of living in a daze, I've regained my footing. (Stay with me here — this really isn't all about me. And I really want to share with you how I have become upbeat again.)

In the past few weeks, I've been thinking hard about my work. Is it trivial? Is it relevant? Is it viable in the new world that's unfolding?

Those questions, honestly, are pretty depressing. All work seems trivial compared to healthcare and food production.

But it's this question that has got me excited — really excited — again: Why did I start it in the first place?

I spent every single free hour for two years working on Baxley before it launched. There's a purpose and passion there, and returning to this has given me what I so very much need.
My guess is that I'm saying: 'Seriously, you're documenting me looking like this?'
It's from Sep 2018, while working on the third prototype.

As you probably know, Baxley was founded because of two things: good design and the environment. These are passions that will animate my conversation for hours on end and sit in the innermost circle of my heart, next to family and closer, even, than chocolate ice cream.

I realised this three years ago during a period when I was feeling completely lost and ungrounded. I'd finished maternity leave with my second child, had no clear path or viable work options, was contemplating moving the family overseas to find work, and was horrified by the latest articles being published on the health of the planet. My chest feels tight even remembering it.

Now, how I turned this period into what became Baxley is pretty bizarre. I'm not sure why I decided to do it, but I created a workshop. On myself.

I ran it. Over and over again. On myself, by myself, with others, for others. I even gave a talk on it.

It didn't deliver Baxley to me right away, but it did make me understand myself in a profound and practical way. And, a couple of months later, when I fell down an internet rabbit-hole looking at bags for two hours instead of preparing for an interview — I knew immediately that that was what I wanted to do for life. It gave me that lightbulb moment.

Now, I feel this may be starting to sound borderline woowoo. But seriously, this sh*t is fun.
This was Jan 2017, but we've done this periodically ever since.

If you're following a career you feel passionately about, or are happy to stay just as you are — fantastic! I'm sincerely happy for you. You can still go through this to help someone else out.

But it's a pretty crazy time. If your life has been shaken to its core, and you're either out of work or feeling groundless, I'm writing this for you. It helped me in a very low period (well, two, now), and I hope it helps you as well. Now, it might not help you find employment — which, truly, is paramount for many — but hopefully it will help you define and seek out the work that you're going to be jump-out-of-the-bed-excited to do every day.

Recommended to be enjoyed with a trusted 'other' (remote or present), a bottle of something delicious and some nibbles. Sticky notes required.
Enough with the lead up, show me the workshop >

Stay safe. Keep well.
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