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The followings are the projects and news of January 2022.

AWS Innovate Seminar

2月24日(木)、AWS Innovate AI/ML editionの招待講演に徳井が登壇します。AWS InnovateはAIと機械学習に特化した無料のオンラインカンファレンスです。これからAIと人間はどのような関係を築くべきなのか?本講演ではこうした問いに「AIは人間の創造性を拡張する」という観点から、徳井自身のAIを用いたアートや音楽作品をヒントに、あらゆる仕事におけるAIとの創造的な付き合い方を提案します。ご視聴には事前登録が必要です。詳細は公式サイトよりご確認ください。

Nao will give a talk at the AWS Innovate AI/ML edition, a free online conference dedicated to AI and machine learning. In this talk, Nao will address the question, “How should humans build the relationship with AI?" from the perspective of "AI extends human creativity". He will propose creative ways to interact with AI in all types of work, showing his AI-based art and music works as inspiration. You will be required to pre-register for viewing. Please visit the official website. (The conference will be in Japanese only)

Photo by Gottingham

We are Hiring!


We are actively hiring engineering positions.
With our vision “Advance the creativity of mankind with Art and Technology,” we are exploring new possibilities of creativity and expression by making use of the latest technology including artificial intelligence in the process of creation, and are looking for people who share these values with us. We are also flexible in designing our working style so that each member can proactively exercise their creativity in the best possible environment. We actively encourage our members to be involved in projects that lead to the improvement of their personal skills and branding.  If you are passionate about technology and creativity, please contact us. For more details, please refer to the recruitment page.

NASH Hackasthon Awards

昨年12月21日にイギリスのロンドン大学クイーンマリー校にて開催されたDigital Music Research NetworkワークショップにおいてNASH: the Neural Audio Synthesis Hackathon(ニューラルオーディオシンセハッカソン)がリモート開催されました。QosmoからはインターンのAndrew Fyfe とエンジニアの Bogdan Teleagaが参加し、ベストプレゼンテーション賞及びベストコード賞を受賞しました。QosmoのチームはRAVE Auditionという作品を提出し、昨年末に発表されたRAVEという技術を応用し、リアルタイムに入力音を別の楽器や音声に簡単に変換することが出来るVST プラグインを開発しました。Hackathon授賞式の様子はこちらからご覧いただけます。
On December 21st, 2021, NASH: the Neural Audio Synthesis Hackathon was held remotely during the Digital Music Research Network Workshop at Queen Mary, University of London. Qosmo Intern Andrew Fyfe and Engineer Bogdan Teleaga participated in the event and got awarded the Best Presentation and the Best Code Award. The Qosmo team developed and submitted a project called RAVE Audition which demonstrated input audio can easily be transformed into other instruments and voices using this VST plugin, applying the technology called RAVE which was published at the end of the last year. You can view the Hackathon Award presentation here.

Suntory TOKUCHA MUSIC Project Page

Dentsu Craft Tokyoで制作した「TOKUCHA MUSIC」のプロジェクトページを公開しました。「TOKUCHA MUSIC」は、音楽から毎日の食事バランスを見直すきっかけを与えるものを目指したサントリー「伊右衛門 特茶」が提供するWeb上の新サービスです。その日食べたものを入力をすると、栄養バランスや料理の種類によって、テンポやメロディー、音色などが変化し、オリジナル楽曲がつくられます。Qosmoは独自開発のAI音楽生成システムを本プロジェクトに提供いたしました。
We published a new project page for “TOKUCHA MUSIC”, the project we created at Dentsu Craft Tokyo.  “TOKUCHA MUSIC” is a new web service provided by Suntory Iyemon Tokucha, one of the pioneers of green tea functional beverages with specific medicinal benefits. The goal was to give people a new perspective on the balance of their daily diet through music. We applied our AI music generation system for this project, which generates music based on user-specified daily meals. The tempo, melody, and tone of the music change depending on the nutritional balance and type of food.

New Articles in 2022 (Japanese)

Qosmo Labでは、メンバーの実験的な取り組みやプロジェクトの技術解説、制作の裏話などを配信しています。直近の記事から、いくつかご紹介します!

New Articles in 2022 (English)

In Qosmo Lab, we present each member’s experimental approaches, technical explanations, and behind-the-scenes stories in a unique way. Here are some latest articles!
  • Qosmo Mask 2022 by Ryosuke Nakajima
    We created AI-generated tiger mask as a new year greeting. We used CLIP, a model that learns the relationship between images and text, and an image generating model to design it. See more details of the concept and method of the design in the article
  • Creativity and Misused Technology — The Future of Music and AI by Nao Tokui
    Nao found recurring "misuses" and “misappropriation” in the history of music and technology and wrote about how new music technologies such as sampling, synthesizer etc. influenced the history of music itself from the perspective of both artist and researcher. 
 Check more news here.
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