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Autumn Newsletter

Good day beautiful people, it’s been a while.

And in this year where it’s felt like entirely too much has happened, we’ve actually managed to slow ourselves down a bit. And with that in mind, we hope we can be a quiet voice of the forest come around to share a little bit of what we think is news.

Forest News

After getting to know the land over the past two years we think we’re finally getting to know the land well enough to create a plan for the forest ecosystems on the Silverto land.

We’ll be creating a Masterplan to try and take this wild generational process of establishing a forest, and bring some sense of direction to it. At the end of this process, we’ll have answers to the who, what, where, when, and why of the next 15 years of the project, leaving plenty of space for updating and reassessing as we move forward, and continue to learn about our land and ecology in general. We think that by spring, we’ll emerge with a firm case for regenerative agroforestry in Portugal and Spain which we’ll use to be able to both ask for subsidies ourselves and guide others through the same process.

But we don’t just want to stay in the theoretical. It’s been a personal goal of mine to plant out a new forest every fall. To be able to learn through action, and improve our capacities each and every year. Keeping in mind that the land on Silverto’s got about twenty terraces, this year we’ve decided to take two of those terraces, and plant them.

Towards that end, we’ve developed what we’re calling the “Forest as a Pantry” which we’ll be planting over the coming weeks. Through this project, we imagine what a forest would look like if it were designed to produce the majority of the nutrition for a healthy community of people. What would their diet look like? What kind of structures and species would they work with? How would it affect them nutritionally? How feasible is it? And after this year of research and design, we’ve come up with two complementary models that attempt to answer these questions.

You can expect much more about this in the near future. But for now, the two terraces we’ll be planting are:

1. The Pantry – The lowest terrace on the land. 1500 m2. In about 15 years, we believe that this small piece of land will be capable of producing enough calories to support a full family using low management, a medium amount of biodiversity, and wholly regenerative agroforestry. Once mature this forest should allow us to manage and harvest it with a few days of effort a year.

2. The Forage Forest – Closer to where the houses will be constructed, this terrace is 500 m2. And the focus will be more on creating a highly biodiverse forest garden, that specializes in year-round production of food. Once mature, you should be able to walk in there any time of year and leave with a satisfied belly.

Housing News

Unable to do justice to all the ups and downs that the housing project has experienced over the last few months, I’d like to start with a quick anecdote for reasons that will become all-together clear in about a minute.

The other day, I was talking to a friend about a time when she was very young and listening to her father on the phone. As he told client after client he’d be there the next day to finish this task or the other. And she couldn’t puzzle it together. She had to ask, ‘How can you be in so many places at once? It doesn’t make sense.’ and he began to explain how it’s the way things are done. 

Well, we’re currently four months into the two-month process of replacing the roof. And with Mathijs looking to finally take some well-needed vacation/time away, it seems like all the last odds and ends (like electricity and not having the wind blowing through the house) will have to wait until spring to be completed.

But as for the good news, the house that will become Silverto’s community facility has a new roof! And it’ll only be a few more months before we can begin to host people again!

What’s become exceedingly clear, is that finding someone, experienced in bioconstruction, willing to build or oversee the construction of a few houses, and who is capable of telling you honestly “Hey. This is going to be a year of your life.” even when it’s scary to say so, would be a special find.


All in all, like most people these days, this year has us feeling isolated. And although I can’t think of a better place I’d rather be than with the forest, the reality is that we need other people in our lives. If we can’t connect to the people important to us, we go a little crazy.

So for this reason we’ll be maintaining our invitation for collaboration open. And reminding ourselves often, that what’s happening in the world affects us personally, and that many of the things that can make our day are small.

For me, it’s realizing that my days feel better when I share them, and inviting people to reach out. While accepting that the reality is that these semi-lockdowns awaiting us in the coming months will mean a lot of time alone. Personally, I’ll be taking this time as an opportunity to learn how to better listen. To myself. To Nature. And to each other. And maybe emerging from this whole ordeal with a few more strategies to not just be able to cope with global crises, but to learn how to thrive within them.

Wishing you warmth in these cold days, 

- Diego

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