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Hello beautiful people!

It’s been a time of change and growth, and learning to work at a pace more respectful of our time, care, and attention. And since so long has happened since our last message, I’d like to catch you up on some the major news of the past few months.


1. Grant

It’s been a dream of ours for a while to be able to provide grants to projects that would like to work with regenerative agroforestry. And this year we’ll be able to offer our first ever public grant around the theme “Trees and People.”

Through this grant we’ll be offering €500 to support an idea that tells a piece of the story of regeneration through an action, event, or project. Boiled down we’re looking for an answer to the question “How would you unite the needs of Trees and People?” To find out more you can visit our grant page. Also, feel free to share news of this grant and application (link to application) with anyone you think might be interested in applying. The deadline is August 15th. 

Through this grant we’ll be trying to accomplish a few things:

a) Help somebody! And lower the threshold for what’s needed to do this type of work. 
b) Develop our own ability to identify worthy projects and people by starting small, and hoping to slowly branch out from there. 
c) Learn how to provide this type of help on a more structural level in the future. 
d) Streamline and improve our ability to offer these grants.
e) Get our name out there as someone who’s committed to this type of work. (If you’d like to help us offer more of this type of grant in the future, feel free to donate.)


2. Restore Nature

We’d like to welcome Restore Nature  to the Sol Nascente family as a new partner project. 

Restore Nature is acting to reforest and regenerate a small corner of the Algarve (southernmost tip of Portugal) through ecologic education, activism, and hands in the soil. Over the coming months we’ll be exploring what a symbiosis between our projects will look like. 

So far they’ve been tremendous help and a catalyst in allowing us to offer something we’ve wanted to offer for a while which is a “Virtual organization”. Another way of saying this is that Restore nature has become a pilot project us in our ability to share our organization with others. 

Essentially, we can now create virtual organizations within our own. We can offer our own legal body to others to create organizations within our own. Our partners will have access to our network, skills, and benefits, yet still operate independently.  As a small example of what this looks like in practice, our ANBI Stichting (Dutch foundation) has large bureaucratic, and fiscal benefits for donors. Our partners can offer their donors those same tax incentives without having to go through the bureaucratic hurdles to offer it themselves.  Personally, this feels like we’ve gained a super-power: the ability to save people from bureaucracy. 

Check Restore Nature out! And if you like what they’re doing, feel free to donate to them directly, which you can do here!   

3. Website and Blog

And finally, we’ve completely revamped the website! It’s still very much a work in progress, and will most likely see a few more updates over the coming months, but it’s starting to tell a clearer story of who we are, what we’re doing, and will soon offer pages that highlight each of our partners. 

Also, our blog is live! Through our blog we’ll be discussing ecologic topics, as well as making announcements about what we’re up to. So far we’ve explored some of our previous forest plantations (The Forest is a pantry), and a bit of our thinking on how to deal with the risk of wildfire in Portugal (A Fire-Adapted Forest). 

P.S. - Free Workshop and Trip in Greece
We have 2 places available for PT residents or nationals to join us from the 19th of August until the 4th of September for a 2-week workshop on Community Building, Permaculture, Natural Building and Renewable Energy. Anyone who wants to join is invited to send a short bio and motivation letter to

The event is funded through the EU Erasmus+ program and is free of charge. You will be asked to pay for your travel ticket, which will be reimbursed during or shortly after the event. Any costs relating to COVID-19 will have to be paid by participants.

There’s now a full info package:



As always, thanks for following along! And until next time,

- Diego 


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