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February 2020 eNewsletter

Message from Fr. Bryan Cunningham 
Dear Schoenstatt Family and friends:

On Sunday 2nd February we celebrated the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple and heard the prayer of Simeon and the prophesy of Anna. Joseph and Mary entrust the child Jesus to God, ‘setting him aside’ to belong entirely to God and fulfill His Holy will. This year, Lent starts in February; you are invited on Wednesday, February 26th to Ash Wednesday Mass with the distribution of ashes, please check the times below. Lent is a time of penance and transformation, and a time that helps us to remember that the Lord is giving his life for us and is inviting us to follow him.

For us here in the UK we celebrate the year of the Dowry of Mary. This tradition comes from the ancient Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham, where the Virgin Mary’s house was built in 1061 and words attributed to Edward the Confessor stated that England was Mary’s Dowry. The first dedication was made by King Richard II in Westminster Abbey as he sought the protection of Our Lady in the face of great political turmoil. At this point, England received the title ‘Mary’s Dowry’; meaning that England was ‘set aside’ as a gift, a dowry, for Our Lady under her guidance and protection. In the year 2020 the Bishops pf England and Wales are rededicating our land as the Dowry of Mary. We want to live our Covenant of Love in our families to create a culture of encounter among ourselves and with the God of our lives, who walks with us as we take up this pilgrimage to form a New Nazareth for our times.
On February 15th starting at 10.00am we will have a half-day recollection in which we receive the prayer book issued in preparation for the rededication on March 29th, the Sunday after the feast of the Annunciation. Both the Parish of St John Fisher and the Schoenstatt Movement in England and Wales have registered to take part in the rededication act.England should again belong to Mary the Mother of Jesus and our mother, ‘set aside’ for Mary, and put under her protection and care. When we pray the Angelus, we repeat Mary’s yes to the plan of love of God.

Marianne and Matthew Barnes continue in leading our Taste and See Family Mass. Please look up the facebook page of our Taste and See Mass Programme for the details of the next three months. Susan Kuhanga and other leaders in the Parish of St John Fisher meet regularly with young people on Saturday afternoons

Ignacio, Julio, Mckenna and the Sotomayor's family are currently planning and organising the "summer volunteers" programme for 2020. Many young "schoenstatters" from Mexico, Chile, USA, Brazil, Spain have contacted them to participate in Mission Manchester 2020 and the summer programme. We will keep you informed of the updates in the next weeks. 

You are invited to our activities at the Shrine: Covenant Mass on the 18th of the month, the celebration of Taste and See Mass especially for families with young children and the Wednesday’s mums and tots. Also now on Saturday afternoons we have children and young peoples’ groups. In preparation for the rededication of England to our Lady we will join in the 33 days prayer leading to celebrate the morning of glory at the feast of the Annunciation. Please join us in this prayer. The list for the Covenant Masses has been published on our website <>

The next quarterly MTA Magazine will be published for the Covenant Mass on the 18th March 2020 and the deadline for articles is on 29th February 2020.

We walk together striving for sanctity under our Blessed Mother's veil. I hope you have a blessed month and I will keep you in my prayers.


Fr. Bryan Cunningham
Movement Director and Rector of the Shrine

Regular Mass Schedule

Sunday Mass at 9.30am in St John Fisher’s Hall
Mass in the Shrine: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.00 am. Thursday at 7.30pm and at 12 noon every Saturday

Special Masses in February

Taste and See Mass, Sunday, February, 16th, 3.30pm 
Covenant Mass,  Tuesday, February, 18th, 7.30pm

We united with the Schoenstatt family around the world to renew our Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother, all are invited.
Ash Wednesday, Wednesday, February 26, Holy Mass 9:00am and 7:30pm

Reconciliation, Saturday from 11.00am to 12.00noon
Adoration in the Shrine, Tue-Fri at 5.00pm, Saturday at 11.00am and Sunday at 12.00noon

Shrine is open daily for visitors from 9.00am – 6.00pm and the Angelus is at 12.00 noon and 6.00pm daily accompanied by the ringing of the bell. 

Groups welcome, to schedule go to
Life at St. John Fisher's Parish
Progress with the Hope Garden
Progress on the garden continues.  The most significant activity over recent weeks has been to remove a couple of sections of damaged concrete fence which adjoins a neighbour’s garden.  Over the years, the fence posts have moved, in part because some of them have started to disintegrate and also due to growth of tree roots, which resulted in some of the concrete panels partially dropping out.  Although this fence will be screen by a new wooden fence, leaving the damaged section of the concrete fence in place was dangerous; at any time these couple collapse, injuring someone of damaging the new fence, so it was decided to remove them completely and make good the fence with one new post so the neighbour’s garden remained secure.  Chris Ward and Stephen spent a day doing this work.  The heavy lifting, removing the panels, was relatively easy; this was done in the first hour and a half.  The real work involved completely removing one post and it’s foundation so we could put a brand new position the same spot.  On the face of it this should have been quite straightforward, but famous last words!  Anyway, it is done, meaning we can progress with building the wooden fence.

And remember to please SAVE THE DATE…

On the afternoon of Saturday 30th May the Bishop of Salford, the Right Rev John Arnold will be visiting the Parish to formally open our Hope Garden.  We invite everyone to attend and hope to see as many people as possible.

Contact Stephen Bromley for more updates and visit to read the complete report.
Life at the Shrine
Summer Volunteers - Mission Manchester 2020 -

Thank you to all the "shoenstatters" from around the world that sent their messages to Ignacio, Julio, Mckenna, Benjamin and  Fr. Bryan. We are currently organising the summer activities for Mission Manchester. The missionaries are always able to generate a family atmosphere throughout the mission and truly embrace the needy they served during their stay in St John Fisher's parish. Thank you to all who very generously always support  the mission with prayers.

Contact Ignacio for more updates: @schoenstattyouthuk  in instagram and facebook and visit 

Schoenstatt London
We had our first gathering of the year on the 18th of January of members of Schoenstatt who now live, study and work in the London area. We met again in Pimlico, Victoria, Westminster. Schoenstatters from Spain, USA, Argentina, India, Scotland, and Portugal were present in the event.

The next meeting will be this Saturday February 8th with Fr. Bryan. The young people will be looking at Personal Ideal , ‘Yourself the Adventure’ and the families will be looking at one of the workshops from the series ‘Family is Sacred'. We are looking forward to your assistance if you are in Greater London!

If you want to know more or want to be part of the Schoenstatt Branch in London, please contact:

Family London Branch

Click to the next Link to know more about it: Schoenstatt London Day Article 
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Upcoming Celebrations

Shrine of Our Lady, Recollection Day at St John Fisher’s and the Year of the Dowry of Mary

On February 15th starting at 10.00am in St John Fisher’s we will have a half- day recollection in which we receive the prayer book issued in preparation for the rededication on March 29th, the Sunday after the feast of the Annnciation. There will be an input on England as the Dowry of Mary, the oportunity for Adoration, Sacrament of Reconciliation, and Holy Mass.

This Re-dedication is both a personal promise of the people of our country, and a renewal of the entrustment vows made by King Richard II in 1381. On this day we accept God’s gift of His Mother, the cause of our joy, as she leads us to Christ through her example as the First Disciple, and invites us to “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5).

The Re-dedication will take place on March 29th, 2020. It will be fulfilled by a communal act of prayer across the country through the Angelus Promise.



The Angelus Promise is a spiritual exercise created to assist you to embrace the message of Our Lady, as expressed in the Angelus. It invites you to “share in the joy  of the Annunciation” by following Mary’s openness to God’s call, through her faith- filled “yes”. Through your own faith-filled “yes”, the Lord will work wonders in your life.

R: The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary V: And she conceived by the Holy Spirit

As God once chose Mary to become the Mother of His Son through the message of an angel, so He chooses me this day, and invites me through the ministry of the Church or the example of another, to seek and do His Will at this moment in my life. 

Hail Mary full of Grace...
R: Behold the handmaid of the Lord
V: Be it be done unto me according to thy Word

Mary’s response to her invitation, “let it be done to me according to your Word”, opened her heart to God’s grace and all things became possible. Let my “yes” today take away fear, as I embrace God’s Will, and like Mary “ponder these things in my heart”.

Hail Mary full of Grace...
R: And the Word became flesh (Bow or genuflect) V: And dwelt among us
At a moment in history, Mary’s faith-filled “yes” conceived Him, first in her heart, which then led to the birth of our Saviour. Through accepting Him in my heart, enable me to recognise my role in bringing Christ to my sisters and brothers today.

Hail Mary full of Grace...
R: Pray for us most holy Mother of God
V: That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ

Let us pray: O Holy Mother of God, pray for us, and assist us as we dedicate ourselves this day. Your Yes at the Annunciation brought our Saviour Jesus into the world, and you invite us to contemplate the great mystery of the Incarnation, sharing your joy in announcing that “the Word was made flesh and lived among us.” May our yes, this day, open our hearts to serve our sisters and brothers in this your Dowry, that they too may share our joy in the Good News that God walks among us. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.


This letter from the Schoenstatt Movement is prepared by our editing team, Fr.Bryan Cunningham, Stephen Bromley, Julio and Ignacio Melecio in association with the editor of our quarterly magazine MTA, Patty Ganley and many contributors.
Anne :
Mary Cole
Patty Ganley
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