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As the United States was besieged by a violent mob adorned in Nazi paraphernalia and symbols of white supremacy, we are reminded that our silence on issues of prejudice and basic human dignity feeds into hate. We should be alarmed, but not shocked, by the disparate treatment of the Capitol insurrectionists compared to Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters as a result of white privilege. These rioters were not unique and have been a part of society all along -- in our workplaces, in law enforcement, and in the government itself.

And so far, responses to this racist attack only scratch the surface. As DEI advocates and professionals, we know the interrelations of identity, power, and exclusion are multidimensional and overlapping. We can’t focus on creating inclusion and addressing inequity only in times of crisis. This year -- 2021 -- we must embrace a proactive and intersectional approach before headlines.  In 2021, we need organizations to follow-through on their big promises. 

On a global level, 2020 was the year of reactive action, and 2021 must be the year of long-term, strategic direction.

Check out our newest blog post, to learn more about our non-negotiables for DEI in 2021.

Keith Plummer (they, them, theirs) and Dr. Sarah Saska (she, her, hers) 

From reactive action to strategic change. 2021 diversity, equity, and inclusion. Non-negotiable.
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Is Remote Work Working? 💻

Our remote workplace practices require constant fine-tuning and a continuous adaptation to new measures resulting from the pandemic and the ever-changing nature of our world and personal needs. It doesn't make sense for our workplaces to remain stagnant while so many of our lives have changed. Check out Charlotte Mosley and Vivan Woo’s blog post about the current state of remote work, and engage with Culture Amp’s report about organizational responses to the global pandemic. 

Learn to Asses Your Organization
Hold Your Organization Accountable to Its Racial Justice Promises 🧾

In 2020, we received hundreds of promises from governments, corporations, elected officials, friends, and family. Let’s hold each other accountable. Rebecca Knight teaches us how to keep organizations and their leaders accountable and suggests policy and culture changes to combat racism in the workplace and the world. Social justice is a long term problem that requires long term solutions. 

Calling Out and Accountability
Corporate Social Justice 💡

Even though corporations can be exploitative, it doesn’t mean that they can’t play a decisive role in social movements. Corporate social justice starts with understanding the difference between substantive activism and performative activism. Organizations must focus on outcomes and learn to measure progress through data and numbers while humanizing employees and customers. Leaders must learn from their people, data, and mistakes because we cannot solve DEI problems with blanket solutions; each DEI problem has its own strategy and resolution. This year, hold yourself, your organization, and your community accountable.

Accountability and Performative Activism
Equity Leaders B.O.O.K. Club 📚

Join the next quarter of men leaders for Equity Leaders’ B.O.O.K (Beyond Our Own Knowledge) club! B.O.O.K. club is an opportunity to do the work privately and at your own pace, build a community, and join facilitated discussions by DEI professionals. Learn to question and change the status quo through the shared experience of reading, sharing your own lived experience, and listening to others. ⁣

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 Digital Land Acknowledgement

Feminuity was founded on land that is the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat peoples, and it is home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples. 


While land acknowledgements allow us to reflect on physical spaces and the land they are on, a newsletter like this lives in a virtual space and is engaged with from a range of places. Each week we will amplify the work of Indigenous creators. 

Creator Feature 🎨 

Meet Sierra Johnson! Sierra is a Youtuber who creates daily vlogs, shares family recipes, hosts giveaways and updates her followers on what’s going on in her community. Her Youtube channel follows her frequent and eventful travels between her current home in Arizona and her childhood home on a Diné reservation in New Mexico. Subscribe to her YouTube channel and check out her Instagram, where she shares updates on her aid to Indigenous communities during the pandemic. 

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