Writing a College-Level Research Paper: a Complete Guide


During your academic journey, you would have to deal with different types of written assignments, including an essay, reflection papers, term papers, book reviews, and research papers. As a college student, you will write at least one college-level research paper for each course, before your graduation. Since your semester grades can be influenced due to your performance in this paper, therefore you would need exceptional writing skills to complete this assignment.


A research paper is an extended essay, which requires in-depth research to explore more information about the topic. You will also be required to have analytical skills to evaluate the topic critically. This paper is aimed at conveying different viewpoints concerning the topic and bringing together evidence, facts, and figures relevant to it. The paper helps your teachers to evaluate your knowledge regarding the assigned topic, therefore ask experts to Write my essay, and secure an "A" grade for your performance on the course.







Basic elements of a research paper

         The research paper has a proper format and it should contain some basic elements. The basic elements of a research paper are as follows.

  1. Title page of the research paper
  2. Introduction section of the paper
  3. Thesis statement or the main claim
  4. Main body of the paper
  5. Conclusion of research paper
  6. List of references or the bibliography


Guide for writing a research paper

This blog offers you a step-by-step guide for writing a paper that will eventually stand out. You can also consult an essay writing service.



Step 1- Familiarize yourself with the topic

This sounds obvious however it is very important to read your teacher's instructions carefully, before writing the paper. Try to understand what aspect of the topic will have to be covered as per the instructions. While if you are given the choice to select a topic yourself, you should never skip this step. This is an important step because there are always multiple contexts related to a single aspect of a subject. Therefore, it is required to conduct thorough research before choosing the most appropriate topic for your paper.


You can also choose a topic based on your interest to explore more about that particular subject area. The preliminary research will enable you to better understand the topic well. It will also help you to formulate your viewpoint about that topic and a strategy to plan your paper accordingly.



Step 2- Devise your thesis statement

Your viewpoint about a topic helps you to come up with the main claim, which is reflected through the thesis statement in the paper. A thesis statement can be referred to as the backbone of your research paper. You cannot compose a research paper without the main argument or thesis statement. A thesis statement helps you to summarize your central idea regarding the topic. Since it is a critical part of writing the paper, you might get stressed even before writing your paper. However, in this situation hiring an expert essay writer can be a feasible option for you.  


A thesis statement states your opinion or position about the issue. Therefore, state a logical reason and provide a relevant conclusion for that reason. You will have to sustain the central idea throughout the paper, therefore write a debatable thesis statement, which can be proved through facts, figures, and evidence. Although a thesis statement is written as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph, you should devise the thesis statement even before planning your paper. Since your paper is based on it, devising the thesis statement earlier would help you to outline your paper well.



Step 3- Plan your research paper

Guided by the thesis statement, create an outline for your research paper. An outline itself is not a formal part of the paper. However, it offers you a basic sketch or a draft for the paper, which can be followed for a coherent flow of the paper. An essay writer online saves you from distracting away from your main arguments and saves your time and energy during the writing process.



Include your main ideas in a logical order in the outline. Also include counter-arguments against your position or stance in the paper. Then provide your response against the counter-arguments. All this information should be written in phrases and bullet points as the outline is not very lengthy. For your convenience, create the outline on the same page on which you are going to write the first draft of the essay. Treat the bullet point as the headings for the contents of the paper. In the second draft, remove the headings. This activity will help you save time and you would not miss on adding important information that you have added to the outline.   



Step 4- Write your research paper

Once you have created a perfect outline, you will not face any problem in writing your problem. Add all the basic elements to the final draft of the paper, in the sequence mentioned above. Choose a concise, clear, and specific topic for the title page. Start the introductory paragraph with an interesting and engaging hook statement. Write the thesis statement in a single sentence at the end of the introduction.


State all the body paragraphs with topic sentences, which can be related to the thesis statement. State and explain a single idea in each body paragraph. Provide sufficient authentic and relevant evidence to prove your stance as valid. State the counter-arguments yet also provide your stance on the counter-arguments. Conclude the paper with a well-crafted summary of the whole discussion. Provide a list of references or bibliography before ending the paper.



Step 5- Review your research paper

Proofread your research paper several times to avoid any errors. However, consult for the assistance of a certified write essay for me service, if you still feel your paper is not able to impress the teachers. 





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