December 2022
Women Be Well Issue 

Meet Eva, Founder of Sneha Yoga & Wellness 

As the new year approaches, we’ve been talking about the fresh start as an opportunity to truly reset. That means no more unattainable health and fitness resolutions that support society’s unrealistic idea of what women should look like. 

Instead, our goal is to go slow, to become more in tune with our mind, body, and spirit, to heal and grow from our experiences, and to learn to be gentle and empathetic with ourselves.

Want to join us? We’ll be doing all of that (and more) in our Women Be Well Series, in partnership with Sneha Yoga & Wellness Collective.


Their passionate practitioners will share their knowledge, expertise, and personal stories with our community as we learn to awaken our spirits through mindful movement and joyful dance, listen to what our bodies are telling us, develop healthy mindsets, explore ancient holistic practices, and more. 

We can’t wait to begin the year with The Salon and Sneha communities as we open our hearts and minds to wellness through a new lens. 


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Be Well In Mind, Body, & Spirit!

Already counting down the days to our Women Be Well Series? Us, too! That’s why this week, we sat down with Salon member Eva Trapp, the guiding force behind Sneha Yoga & Wellness Collective, to talk about why a holistic approach to well-being is essential, the importance of connection and community, and what she hopes participants will take away from the wellness series. Read our interview with Eva below! 

Why is there a need for a place like Sneha in Pittsburgh?
When Sneha started to manifest, I kept finding that there wasn’t a space that embodied all the parts of wellness. I don’t mean just the physical and spiritual practice. Wellness is also about being mindful of what we put in our bodies and really leaning on your community for support and guidance. It very much takes a village to thrive in life. And that’s where we were  with our hearts when we started to make this space. 


What makes Sneha uniquely positioned to partner with The Salon for our Salon Curators program?
The majority of our clients and leadership are women, and we truly do believe in supporting and uplifting one another. We are also very like-minded in the sense that health and wellness and overall living life isn’t just sunshine and rainbows. There's a lot of grit to it, and there are some really hard and difficult things to talk about. 


Sneha and The Salon both provide ways that we can come together and talk about these things but also have fun with it. Often we find ourselves in very serious conversations about very difficult topics, and we don’t always have an outlet for laughter.I think both of our spaces provide that. 


What do you hope participants will learn or gain from the wellness series, even if they can only attend one event?
Truly, I hope that they find a connection with other humans. There are so many different paths to wellness and nothing has to be one size fits all — there is space for all of us.

Series Packages: 

(Perfect gift for the holidays or self-care for yourself!)

Gets you access to the entire series of 9 events! Salon members receive $90 off the original $360 package price with discount code SALON. Sign up here!

Bonus gift: Receive a discount code for $40 off your next wellness service at Sneha.

Pick 5 of your favorite classes in the series. Salon members receive $50 off the original $200 package price with discount code SALON. Sign up here!

Bonus gift: Receive a discount code for $25 off your next wellness service at Sneha.

January & February Book Circle Reads

January & February Book Circle // With the holiday hustle and bustle upon us, Book Circle lead and Salon member Alex Lee along with fellow Book Circle members selected the next two titles so you can add them to your list and get a jump on winter reading. We hope you join us to discuss one — or both!

In January, we’ll be burying our noses in Dirtbag, Massachusetts, a memoir about growing up in a poor, rural part of the country amid sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. As an adult, the author works to repair his family and to make sense of himself now that the party is over. 

In February, we’ll be turning the pages of Less Is Lost, the sequel to the Pulitzer Prize-winning romantic comedy, Less. A sweet, nervous gay man attempts to salvage his marriage while also touring the country. Shenanigans ensue. Less was absolutely hilarious, the sequel promises to be equally charming and funny. 

 ✨ Register for the January Book Circle! 

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Explore Salon-specific programming centered on topics, activities, and conversations that most appeal to and resonate with women and those that identify as women. 

Open Fridays

Fri, December 9

9am - 5pm

In The Salon 


Break out of your routine and hang out at our HQ every Friday. Spend an hour, an afternoon, or the whole day basking in the feel-good energy. Catch up with women and friends in The Salon community, take advantage of free coffee and a snack at Field Day, or bring your laptop for a change of scenery during your work day. If the mood hits, we may even make our way to the rooftop for a bird’s eye view of the changing leaves. Register here!

Charcuterie Wreaths with EZPZ Gatherings
Sat, December 10
4-5:30 pm
In The Salon

This year, wow your holiday party guests with an impressive charcuterie board wreath. Salon member Sarah Tuthill, the owner of EZPZ Gatherings, will teach us the art of making a show-stopping, holiday-themed meat and cheese board so you can take your charcuterie board skills to the next level. Charcuterie supplies provided. Register here

Parenting Adolescents Meet-Up
Mon, December 12
5:30-7 pm
In The Salon 

There's no two ways around it, parenting is complicated. So if you're looking for a group of supportive moms and mother figures who are also navigating the complex world of parenting, join us once a month for our Parenting Adolescents Meet-Up. Facilitated by Salon member Laura Jones we'll gather together to vent, laugh, cry, and be honest about your parenting struggles and successes, without judgment. Parenting isn’t easy, but our community is here for you. SERIES: December 12, January 16

Monthly Member Coffee

Tues, December 13

9-10 am

In The Salon 


Start your day with a pick-me-up and conversation. Drop in to The Salon to hang out with (and meet!) fellow Salon members, warm up with complimentary coffee or tea, and generally have a good time. It’s a great way to get a feel for The Salon and connect with local women. Oh, and don’t hesitate to bring a friend along. Open and free to all. Register here!

Fempreneur End of Year Reflection
Tues, December 13
5:30-7 pm
In The Salon 

Join Salon member Cassie Guerin, founder of Miror and The Salon for a holiday toast and an end of year reflection in community with each other. The holidays can often be surrounded by chaotic and hurried energy. Yet the winter months are a time to slow down, go within, and reflect. As we near the solstice, please join us to spend some intentional time to slow down, enjoy the company of the women you've met at The Salon, and to share your reflections on the past year and your aspirations for next. Register here!

Craft Cocktail Workshop 
Thurs, December 15

6-8 pm

In The Salon 


Who says you need liquor to make a mean cocktail? Join The Salon and Mel Babitz, owner of the non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits shop The Open Road, for a mini mixology class minus the booze. We'll learn how to craft a scrumptious concoction, then send you home with all the details so you can make it for yourself to wind down after work or impress your friends at your next dinner party. Register here!




Congratulations to Camila Rivera-Tinsley, the new CEO of Pittsburgh-based Women and Girls Foundation, 👯‍♀️a non-profit that advocates for gender equity in education, the workplace, and public policy issues. 🎉


Snag some last-minute gifts for your loved ones this Sunday at the Queer Craft Market Winter Bazaar at Union Project. 🎁Taking place from 5-8 pm, the event will feature unique and handcrafted treasures from local makers, artists, and creatives. 🛍️


Renowned PGH chef Jamilka Bourges is at it again. 👩‍🍳This time, she’s paying homage to her Puerto Rican roots 🇵🇷by serving up a Christmas bounty inspired by traditional recipes at Square Cafe on December 15. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Pittsburgh Action Against Rape. ❤️ 

December 2022

Women Be Well Issue 


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